How iPhone Changes the Smartphone Market Every Year | WIRED



  • Arian
    Arian 11 months ago+997

    "Apple did it first... after other phones had done it" - This video

  • Idi B
    Idi B 11 months ago+534

    Hey! Did you leave the verge with your twin?

  • haseeb khan
    haseeb khan 11 months ago+133

    Didn't mention the removal of headphone jack!

  • Shchevalal
    Shchevalal 11 months ago+231

    Wireless charge was long before iPhone in Nokia's top phones few years ago

  • Mario Bartos
    Mario Bartos 11 months ago+231

    I like the fact that she forget to tell how Wireless charging, quick charging,IP ratings, stereo speakers and dual cameras, were available on most phones for years but not Iphone since version 8. Oh well...

  • Guilherme Bento Smaleski
    Guilherme Bento Smaleski 11 months ago+45

    2015: Galaxy S6 is Glass back and wireless charging!!
    People: hm
    2017: iPhone 8 and X are glass back and Apple sells a 200$ Wireless charger

  • 10,000 Subscribers With No Videos??

    They change it by making the phone super expensive..

  • Stefan Ciganovic
    Stefan Ciganovic 11 months ago+10

    Apple and innovations are two different worlds pls....

  • Blackmagic1o0
    Blackmagic1o0 11 months ago+77

    Omg she's not on the Verge anymore? ☹️

    ADAM HAGE 11 months ago+150

    Title should be..
    How Apple tears there customers a new bum hole$$$$$$$

  • Satanic Lives Matter
    Satanic Lives Matter 11 months ago+130

    How Apple lost its mind with removing components just to make it thin and light!

  • mahchymk93
    mahchymk93 11 months ago+7

    Lauren needs to get off the hype train, she's riding the apple D hard

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 11 months ago+12

    This is borderline an ad, no more, no less, most of these "new" features have been in mainstream Chinese phones for quite a while now.

  • wbite aye
    wbite aye 11 months ago+33

    Woo!! Is your twin still with verge?

  • Daniel Ochoa
    Daniel Ochoa 11 months ago+8

    Apple dint come out with any of these first

  • Luben Z
    Luben Z 11 months ago+43

    "The iPhone X's 3d sensors made animated emoji possible".
    Actually they don't! MKBHD called bs on that one. It only uses the phone's front facing camera. And the reason other iPhones don't have that is the classic case of "I have an iPhone X and you don't.

  • E V
    E V 11 months ago+42

    They get free advertisement through all the people that own iPhone x's since they defend like it's their own life just to justify their purchase 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • The Rambler
    The Rambler 11 months ago+147

    Cant' wait to see the price for iPhone X Plus XD.

  • Koseklut
    Koseklut 11 months ago+8

    This video is so wrong

  • Kumar Mitrabhanu
    Kumar Mitrabhanu 11 months ago+68

    I agree that apple sets new bar for smartphones each year, but u gotta admit that apple uses old android features for their new phones too. Then its becomes a trend.
    Seriously face unlock, notch, wireless charging, fingerprint was all there before apple launched. But apple made it trending features. So kudos to apple and Android, because of them Chinese phones are gaining more popularity.