Honest Trailers | Captain Marvel



  • Screen Junkies 8 days ago

    Do you think we could still get Secret Invasion storyline?*Check out the return of Honest Game Trailers with the same creative team from Smosh Games and Screen Junkies on our new channel Fandom Games. Featuring a rotating cast of voices to give greater variety to the trailers. Check back every Tuesday for a brand new Honest Game Trailer at 10AM Pacific.*POOL RULESOne: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate.Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia a...

  • Ran Sherman 6 hours ago

    others probably said it, but not all skrulls are nice people, we can have some who are arseholes.

  • Dave Smith 19 hours ago

    Do the great mouse detective

  • cohobast92 8 days ago

    You're doing Captain Marvel and you didn't disable the comments section? That's bold.

  • jedironin380 5 hours ago

    Something bold, yet precise. ;)

  • writerpatrick 11 hours ago

    @Merk's Mashups Ghostbusters was a replacement for a real Ghostbusters movie. Captain Marvel is just an addition to the MCU.

  • Pixelate Wings 2 days ago

    “Meet Captain Marvel, a girl with the power of spaceship.” 😂 I MEAN BASICALLY.

  • Mika mi 2 days ago

    Bruh...the whole time I was thinking... *WHAT FRICKIN EMOTIONS!???*

  • Jeremy 10 hours ago

    Tyrannapus And Friends no, she just didn’t have them

  • Dark Sparkle 14 hours ago

    @Tyrannapus And Friends she still had feelings, it was just hard for her to show them normally

  • Blake Wilson yesterday

    3:54...oh man. I rewatched Winter Soldier after Captain Marvel, and I agree that that particular line doesn’t sound nearly as cool and epic as it used to.

  • Dutch van der Linde 4 hours ago

    That line and his eye reveal in the winter soldier is now ruined. They ruined the character in general.

  • All That JAZZ 8 hours ago

    Blake Wilson coulson asks if the Kree burned his eye out when he refused to give them the tesseract. Then Fury said “I can neither confirm nor deny those rumors”. I believe that his pride get in the way of the truth on both this and the “last time I trusted somebody” occasions.

  • You missed the perfect opportunity to say Phil Skroulson

  • Shawn Parks 2 days ago

    They call him Skrullson in the BluRay commentary.

  • Nya Smith 3 days ago

    Coulson 100% would've made that joke.

  • Brucekeee 8 days ago

    I lost it when he said “her marvel issued black friend” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Darryl Ferguson 44 minutes ago

    Man, i never noticed that until now.

  • OffBrandLegend 6 hours ago

    Bob Krenke one can only hope

  • Lance W 3 days ago

    i lost it at "her marvel issued black friend" 😂

  • jedironin380 5 hours ago

    @Juan Perez The First Captain Mar-Vell was a white guy! The REAL Mar-Vell, dammit! Okay, I feel better now.

  • Juan Perez 8 hours ago

    Right especially the fact that the first captain marvel was maria ramboue

  • Commander Spock 2 days ago

    My problem with the film is the central problem is everyone is saying she's to emotional YET THEY NEVER SHOW IT so we're stuck with Captain Blank

  • faznan badri 3 hours ago

    @Marian Mayuga told by a man or another woman?

  • faznan badri 3 hours ago

    that's the running gag that no one dare to laugh in social media.

  • Vision Sky 5 days ago

    Please say "I love you 3000" in your Endgame Honest Trailer :D