• Published on:  2/17/2019
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  • sara kay
    sara kay 5 months ago+1210

    It's big
    It's fluffy
    It's pink
    It's glittery...
    It's expensive 😂😂😂

  • yoongjae af
    yoongjae af 6 months ago+2290

    "this palette has 5 shades and it's literally 60 dollars. where's the logic in that?" Adam is an intellectual oof

  • H S
    H S 6 months ago+1141

    Adam: HELL YEAH 🤬

  • Laurel Claman
    Laurel Claman 6 months ago+684

    Adam: “I think it’s expensively affordable.”
    Silvia: “that make no sense”

  • eye lash
    eye lash 5 months ago+254

    2:15 Miranda Sings is quaking

  • Kaylin Renee
    Kaylin Renee 6 months ago+470

    “Well it says elf on it so it might be for elves”😂😂

  • julia mathieu
    julia mathieu 5 months ago+242

    Her: you ready?
    Adam: HELL YEA
    her: let's do it DONT USE THAT WORD

  • Siya Lal
    Siya Lal 5 months ago+452

    My favorite time is when Adam said,” WHAT THE HELL”

  • Elle Jayde
    Elle Jayde 5 months ago+95

    Adam- shows Sylvias palette it's the best in the world... BUY IT NOW!
    I'm dead😂😂😂😂😂❤❤

  • Kate
    Kate 5 months ago+145

    I literally like never noticed that she has a tongue piercing

  • xX_lil_e_21_Xx playz
    xX_lil_e_21_Xx playz 3 months ago+32

    0:46 "hell yea"😂
    4:21 " HELL YEA"🤣
    11:20 "what the hell?"😅
    hes gonna kill me oof im dying with laughter omg 🤣😂

  • The Jenna and Haley show
    The Jenna and Haley show 6 months ago+112

    He said hell 3 times, I'm fully spooked, I legit love it tho😂

  • Aubrey Feser
    Aubrey Feser 6 months ago+3316

    Did anyone else hear Adam say “hell yeah” 😂💀 lol

  • Ella Teodora
    Ella Teodora 6 months ago+81

    Adam: I think it's expensively affordable
    >107 dollars
    >my broke inner self dies
    Omg Adam if only 107 dollars make up was affordable for me too 😅😹

  • Gabby Gib
    Gabby Gib 3 months ago+31

    Adam: “I think it’s expensively affordable.”
    Sylvia: “That makes no sense so...”

  • Jocy Bustos
    Jocy Bustos 3 months ago+25

    8:15 - Adam has more intelligence then some girls out there

  • Julia E
    Julia E 5 months ago+60

    Adam: hell yeah
    That made me laugh so hard

  • Ralyn King
    Ralyn King 5 months ago+28

    “Wait so there’s a mirror that makes me look fat?” AHHHHHHHH IM DEDDD

  • JoTheHuman :3
    JoTheHuman :3 1 months ago+8

    He says” Hell yeah”
    His sister”dont use that word!”

  • Tammy Martinez
    Tammy Martinez 1 months ago+8

    Is it just me or does Adam look kind of like a mini blesiv