EXPOSED- Primitive Technology Survival Channel

  • Published on:  1/4/2019
  • So I recently discovered a shady practice that's being done by the sudden rise of Primitive technology copycat channels. And it's annoying me so much that I had to make a video about it.Patreon: Provided by Epidemic Sound


  • Mr GreenTexts
    Mr GreenTexts  7 months ago+1091

    UPDATE: I'm getting a lot of comments about how it's Impossible that some of these channels are from Singapore. Well here's screenshots from 5 of the channels where they list their country as Singapore as well as some other Indonesian countries.

  • Blu342 l
    Blu342 l 7 months ago+5264

    Here is another inaccuracy, they didn’t make their cameras out of mud and sticks.

  • Psych IRL
    Psych IRL 6 months ago+1652

    Somewhere in the jungle, there are multiple pools and forts everywhere

  • Neporian Qwaga
    Neporian Qwaga 6 months ago+1417

    Just counted each time he swore, 85 times, 86 if you include the word hell. Now 60 times 13 is 780. There are 791 seconds in this video, 791 divided by 85 is 9.3, He swears on average every 9.3 seconds if 6th grade did anything for me.

  • Eman3man
    Eman3man 7 months ago+1498

    Try hard Australian
    - swears to much to the point it’s not funny
    - wears an Australian flag on his face to shove down your throat to show that he’s Australian

    RIPPER0NI 7 months ago+2429

    unnecessary swearing is just cringey

  • BoostedTiger
    BoostedTiger 7 months ago+1134

    You just learn what curse words are or what? Lmao

  • Mouthy
    Mouthy 6 months ago+689

    over cussing has joined the chat

  • J CG
    J CG 7 months ago+756

    When you shoot a video at 5 but gotta rob the bank at 6.

  • K C
    K C 4 months ago+181

    Stop swearing so much it’s just cringe

  • Avien
    Avien 7 months ago+2732

    You speak like a middle schooler who just learned how to cuss

  • Rambø
    Rambø 7 months ago+332

    Fucking fucking fucking

  • jordan mathew
    jordan mathew 4 months ago+467

    You act like your not just a reaction channel clone

  • Zebrivaka
    Zebrivaka 6 months ago+319

    "These people are uncreative" says the commentator man who just learned how to swear.

  • napoleon Simpson
    napoleon Simpson 7 months ago+801

    Omg how many times do you have to swear it's annoying

    K KONG SPIRIT 7 months ago+154

    "Drink everytime he cuss."
    Gets drunk before the 2 min mark

  • napoleon Simpson
    napoleon Simpson 7 months ago+373

    He swore 86 times I this video

  • BananaSquadLeader
    BananaSquadLeader 6 months ago+117

    If someone sped this video up every time you cursed the video would only be a minute long

  • weirdal777888999123
    weirdal777888999123 7 months ago+84

    power tools or not they build a really nice pool so why shouldn't people complement them

  • Jonsta_64
    Jonsta_64 6 months ago+30

    Stop swearing and I might actually enjoy your videos