Is Paul George or Russell Westbrook more valuable to the Thunder? | First Take

  • Published on:  2/11/2019
  • Max Kellerman says Paul George is more valuable to the Oklahoma City Thunder this season because of his quality play. Will Cain and Richard Jefferson think Russell Westbrook is more important because he is the engine that makes the team go.✔ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube:✔ Subscribe to ESPN FC on YouTube:✔ Subscribe to NBA on ESPN on YouTube:✔ Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: on Social Media:► Follow on Twitter:► Like on Facebook:► Follow on Instagram: ESPN on YouTube to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball, soccer and more. More on


    GOATZEL WARD BANDWAGON 6 months ago+1272

    Trying to create tension between teammates. Classic espn lol

  • Aren Babachanian
    Aren Babachanian 6 months ago+565

    Wtf is this question? None can win without the other. PG has been better this season but they are both equally VALUABLE.

  • Ammar Barri
    Ammar Barri 6 months ago+91

    Don't separate them they are playing as One

  • Big Meech!
    Big Meech! 6 months ago+726

    Wrong question. The real question is. Are they better together now then with Melo? They are.
    The Thunder are a more complete team now that PG is efficient. Westbrook is good at getting the team involved.
    He can pop off sometimes, but he pops off every game in intensity and that bleeds through the team

  • Joe
    Joe 6 months ago+271

    Russ is not robin neither is Paul honestly you are looking at Batman and Superman

  • trying to get there
    trying to get there 6 months ago+59

    Meanwhile Russ and Paul sitting on the couch together laughing at these clowns. Saying they jus don’t know a storm coming they way in the playoffs. Thunder up

  • 3kEntertainment
    3kEntertainment 6 months ago+186

    stop trying to turn them on each other the media make me sick just enjoy both of them

  • Tarus Morgan
    Tarus Morgan 6 months ago+124

    OKC is 101-24 when Westbrook gets a triple double..
    🔘 Averaging a TD for 3rd straight season
    🔘 Leading the NBA in APG
    🔘 2nd in SPG
    🔘 11th in RPG (Only Guard in Top 15)
    🔘 6th in Defensive Ratings
    🔘 5th in Defensive Win Shares
    🔘 4th in Defensive Box +/-

    PAUL WESTBROOK 6 months ago+69

    Both my dude! Westbrook the oil to the engine but PG driving the whip!

  • Adrian Lewin
    Adrian Lewin 6 months ago+267

    Both are as valuable as each other

  • iRated Gaming
    iRated Gaming 6 months ago+111

    Stop trying to separate them. They are absolutely BALLING right now. Together

    K3YSHAWN T.O.N.O 6 months ago+122

    Instead of talking about their great season overall you’re talking about who’s more valuable.... That’s Espn for ya

  • J-Cloud’s Anime Talk
    J-Cloud’s Anime Talk 6 months ago+80

    Now y’all see why players don’t like talking to the media. This question is disrespectful to the players and the team

  • UltimateSSjin
    UltimateSSjin 6 months ago+95

    How about both

  • j0epark1
    j0epark1 6 months ago+318

    So we just gonna ignore Westbrook had KNEE surgery RIGHT BEFORE the season started and he's STILL averaging a Triple Double??? Max is a bafoon and Westbrook is a top 25 player of all time.

  • j0epark1
    j0epark1 6 months ago+239

    I wanna punch Max in the face. Why can't both players be EQUALLY valuable in their roles in a TEAM sport? Westbrook isn't shooting particularly well and PG is a straight scoring machine. So Westbrook tweaks his game to benefit the whole team by facilitating at an all-time level and some of those dimes are like "HOW DAFUQ." If you ask PG first hand, he'll tell you that Westbrook is the reason why he's having his best year along with Adams and young guns in Ferguson and Grant. Basketball is more than just scoring, Max. Westbrook and PG are a top 2 duo in the league and best Big 3 if you include Adams.

  • Yxng Kweli
    Yxng Kweli 6 months ago+45

    Here they go again i pray to God russ and pg not listening to this slavery mind trick. They just love dividing us.

  • Mr Smarty Pants
    Mr Smarty Pants 6 months ago+31

    It's Paul George..
    He had to play Lebron James every year with no talent at the ages of 20, 21,22,23,.. What do you expect.
    He broke his leg in half and came back better then ever.. Looking at Hayward, that's not easy to do..
    What Paul is doing this year is MVP level.

  • A Friendly Hobo
    A Friendly Hobo 6 months ago+35

    Pg13 went toe to toe with prime LeBron in the playoffs multiple times.

  • NFA
    NFA 6 months ago+7

    I hate the media always trying to create dysfunction on different teams