The First Family is Back…or are they? FANTASTIC FOUR #1, OLD MAN LOGAN and more | Marvel’s Pull List

  • Published on:  8/8/2018
  • It’s a special 4-book week with Ryan Penagos, a.k.a. Agent M, and Tucker Markus celebrating the return of the Fantastic Four! The duo give you the scoop on FANTASTIC FOUR #1, OLD MAN LOGAN #45, THE UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL #35, and STAR WARS DARTH VADER #19. Listen to the FULL podcast at

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  • shane moran
    shane moran 4 months ago

    I want to read but I'm reading spider man from the beginning I don't want to end my streak

  • Spider-Parker 2018
    Spider-Parker 2018 4 months ago

    They are back!!!!
    They are really alive!!

    TWO WORDS 4 months ago

    Star Wars?

  • Zukai Pureex
    Zukai Pureex 4 months ago+1


  • iBlaze
    iBlaze 4 months ago

    Title is like vsauce meme

  • Ira Ford
    Ira Ford 4 months ago

    Great week of marvel comics.

  • hemanth Reddy Basani
    hemanth Reddy Basani 4 months ago

    Dear friend can we know from Stanley that who dies if Thor and Deadpool fights

  • John Vickrey
    John Vickrey 4 months ago+1

    Thank you so much for being back the FF = ) also we are ready for X-Men The Animated Series to come back to where it left off. Let’s make this happen.

  • Iman Rosohadi
    Iman Rosohadi 4 months ago+3

    Still waiting for carnage solo run marvel.

  • Whatever Time
    Whatever Time 4 months ago


  • Ty Al
    Ty Al 4 months ago+4

    I'm gettin Fantastic Four

  • Billy Kaplan
    Billy Kaplan 4 months ago

    It's about time

  • Max Adrian
    Max Adrian 4 months ago

    Fantastic 4, amazing spider-man and daredevil for me !!

  • אדם רובני
    אדם רובני 4 months ago+3

    Awesome comic books this week

    JARED BANCROFT 4 months ago+1

    I want miles
    I was really enjoying his story
    What does cable want ?
    Is it connected to the captain America vision from civil war 2 ?

  • Davi Lopes
    Davi Lopes 4 months ago+2

    31 comments on 19 seconds.

  • Devil of Hell's Kitchen
    Devil of Hell's Kitchen 4 months ago+4

    Daredevil 606 and Old Man Logan 45 for me this week

  • Ur Momma
    Ur Momma 4 months ago+2

    Terrifics > FF
    Kidding. I like both.

  • Richard Menna
    Richard Menna 4 months ago+2

    Espero que eu aprenda logo a falar em inglês;-;

  • Sam Mjolnir
    Sam Mjolnir 4 months ago+13

    No one is buying Sguirrel Girl. Please just stop it, no one likes that character.