Nick Foles drafts a Marvel Super Team | Marvel Let's Play

  • Published on:  9/6/2018
  • Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles drafts a Super Team comprised of Marvel Super Heroes against Josh Saleh. Who would you pick to be your QB? Comment below with your top picks and decide whose team you think would win! Pick up Nick Foles' “Believe It: My Journey of Success, Failure, and Overcoming the Odds” on shelves now!► Subscribe to Marvel: Marvel on Twitter: Marvel on FaceBook: even more news, stay tuned to:Tumblr:


  • Marvin Gonzalez
    Marvin Gonzalez 11 months ago+19

    Hawkeye is perfect for QB pick him next time

  • rip93ford
    rip93ford 11 months ago+13

    It's Juggernaut for running back, and it's not even close

  • HeavenSent_Assassin
    HeavenSent_Assassin 11 months ago+13

    Black Panther is not a thrower Foles.
    QB- Hawkeye
    RB- Wolverine
    WR- Spider-Man
    TE- Mr. Fantastic
    OL- Groot
    DT- Hulk
    DE- Thor
    LB- Cap
    CB- Black Panther
    S - ???

  • Brotherly Love Productions

    When you’re a huge fan of both Marvel and the Eagles and this video shows up on the sub list.

  • Eduardo Grasso
    Eduardo Grasso 11 months ago+6

    QB: Hawkeye
    RB: Black Panther
    WR: Quicksilver
    O.L: Cap
    DEF: Hulk

  • michaelcritic
    michaelcritic 11 months ago+4

    If Big Wheel isn’t in the villains roster I’ll make an Infinity War poster with only Big Wheel in it.

  • TheAceofBricks
    TheAceofBricks 11 months ago

    Nick Foles >>>>> Captain Marvel

  • Ermin Joseph Delos Reyes
    Ermin Joseph Delos Reyes 11 months ago+4

    QB - Captain America (I want to see him bounce the ball off people)

  • Johnny Speed
    Johnny Speed 11 months ago

    Cap at QB, ALL DAY. The ultimate field general!

  • bbdrix23
    bbdrix23 11 months ago+2

    RB - should have been Juggernaut because no one can stop him once he’s moving

    METALLIC BABY 11 months ago

    QB: Hawkeye
    RB: Juggernaut
    WR: Domino
    OL: Hulk
    DEF: Doctor Strange

  • calibro 714
    calibro 714 11 months ago+7

    FLY EAGLES FLY!!!!!!!

  • bahlders
    bahlders 11 months ago+1

    An MCU football movie would be funny, but we kinda got that in Civil War already

  • Angelo Barovier
    Angelo Barovier 11 months ago+2

    QB: Daredevil
    FB: Wolverine
    WRs: Spider-Man, Black Panther
    SR: Domino / RB: Quicksilver
    TE: Puck
    RE/LE: Colossus, She-Hulk
    RT/LT: Thor, Thing
    C: Ms. Marvel
    K: Iron Fist
    R: Domino or Quicksilver
    DTs: Groot, Hulk
    DEs: Luke Cage, Drax
    MLB: Captain America
    OLBs: Guardian, Jessica Jones
    CBs: Falcon, Bucky (post-WS)
    SS: Weapon X (Wolvie or Dawk, heh)
    WS: Vision
    I stayed away from magic or celestial-types. Thor would be disallowed from using his lightning. Domino is a bit of a cheat. And, yes, Wolverine can play both ways.

  • BashshaarELMaestro
    BashshaarELMaestro 11 months ago

    Is this rugby

  • Hunter Henryk
    Hunter Henryk 11 months ago

    Hulk, Thor and Juggernaut (and maybe Iron Man) - and it won't matter who else you pick on offense. No one left can tackle any of these three (except maybe Iron Man if he's wearing his Hulkbuster armor).

  • Dope Sandwich
    Dope Sandwich 11 months ago+7

    Where is Captain Marvel trailer?

  • Hogun The Grim
    Hogun The Grim 11 months ago

    QB Myself, RB Fandral, WR Volstagg, OL Thor, DEF The Thing. The Warriors Three work best as a team.

  • ILikeMeowBilli ?
    ILikeMeowBilli ? 11 months ago


    TIMISHOOK TMISHK 11 months ago+6

    Where the heck is the captain marvel trailer...