Bought my favourite SNAKE her very own "MANSION" !!!

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
  • Many of you have been asking for a snake video, so VOILÀ !

    Quick disclaimer :
    There will be a 2-3 second clip of Penelope eating a frozen/thawed ALREADY-DEAD rodent in the middle of the video (0:38 to be exact). Snakes are carnivores and WILL NOT eat plant matter. Rodents are what these snakes eat in nature. If you do not wish to watch, please click away.

    In this video I will be showing you the enclosure that I picked up for my Ball Python, Penelope. It’s definitely an upgrade from her previous enclosure. She has eaten in this new enclosure, which shows that she is acclimating fine. The enclosure has an approximate. measurement of (4 feet) x (1.5 feet) x (1 feet), and was rather empty during the making of this video. It now has a naturalistic water dish and a hide. More clutter/decor is to be added in the near future, but as for now, Penelope seems to be enjoying her new “mansion”.

    ** This video is purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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  • DeathStalker
    DeathStalker 2 months ago+1261

    pissy is still at it😆😆😆😆😆

  • LopsidedMoz
    LopsidedMoz yesterday

    Your snake is almost identical to mine, both in looks and personality, are you sure you didn't steal her?

  • Annoying Capricorn
    Annoying Capricorn 2 days ago

    I actually thought you drank too much soda to have thousands of cans on the table 😂

  • Kevin Arellano-Perez
    Kevin Arellano-Perez 2 days ago+1

    Cool vid

  • TheDorks 40
    TheDorks 40 3 days ago

    My sister has an Albino Spider Ball Python and I want a Ball Python in the future!!

    THOT PATROL 7 days ago

    so my snake is a ball python

  • BingBing BongBong
    BingBing BongBong 7 days ago

    I think snakes are cute.

  • TheCommunistTurtle
    TheCommunistTurtle 8 days ago

    I live in singapore

  • morgan michelle
    morgan michelle 10 days ago

    How come your tarantulas have substrate but your snakes don’t?

  • Dimension Demon
    Dimension Demon 11 days ago

    what type of snake do you recommend?

  • Nothing yet
    Nothing yet 12 days ago

    Master of gesticulation :D

  • Salty Tattie
    Salty Tattie 13 days ago

    you going to get a hide + better substrate? Nice enclosure though/

  • Lone Puma
    Lone Puma 13 days ago

    Pissy thinks he is big, tough and has a hood. He is such a pissy boy, but I think you just spoiled him lol

  • tHe eNd
    tHe eNd 14 days ago

    Exiotic you are romanian ??

  • DJ Wubs
    DJ Wubs 15 days ago

    im so glad you made a video with her! i love snakes a lot 🐍

  • Arian Aniq
    Arian Aniq 16 days ago+1

    Who lives in Singapore [me] like this comment

  • The beast slayer
    The beast slayer 16 days ago

    Got to love pissy

  • Jasmine Morales
    Jasmine Morales 17 days ago

    Can you make another video with Penelope

  • Akil Ikmal
    Akil Ikmal 18 days ago

    are you malaysia

  • Jack Skellington
    Jack Skellington 18 days ago

    Give it more space against the wall tho. Those ventilation holes won't do jackshit if airflow's blocked by the wall. Or just move it to the left beside those stairway handle.