The 2011 Porsche 911 Speedster Is the Weird $300,000 Porsche You Forgot About

  • Published on:  9/14/2018
  • The 2011 Porsche 911 Speedster is the rarest Porsche 997 model -- and the weirdest. Today I'm reviewing the 997 Speedster and showing you some of the quirks of an unusual 2011 Porsche 911.


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  • Alasdair JCW
    Alasdair JCW 9 days ago

    Personally I prefer the Boxster Spyder to this as there's something about the proportions on the 911 Speedster that just doesn't gel (in my opinion).

  • Infinite Plasma
    Infinite Plasma 13 days ago

    Doug you gotta review a singer 911 :'D

  • Ethan Heisler
    Ethan Heisler 24 days ago

    Douglas, There are even fewer examples of the 911 Sport Classic (250) than the Speedster.
    -Uptight Porsche Fam

  • Ong Bak
    Ong Bak 24 days ago

    Ramon Tegel

  • Senshi Bat
    Senshi Bat 1 months ago

    Wife looks out as doug drives crosses arms taps foot Douglas HAVE you spent the children's college fund? in no no dear work review... ja gut, mein Herr

  • Fardan Ahmed
    Fardan Ahmed 1 months ago

    DOUG the type of guy to go to pornhub asking girls their quirks and features

  • Jake LaSalle
    Jake LaSalle 1 months ago

    We know about it. I prefer the 964.

  • [FLIP]
    [FLIP] 1 months ago

    I did not forgot about this. My dads boss have this car.

  • Niek Meijering
    Niek Meijering 1 months ago

    My dad has a boxer spyder

  • Chad Jones
    Chad Jones 1 months ago

    Am I the only one that really wanted to see the car with the top up???

  • Pat Murphy
    Pat Murphy 1 months ago

    It's so funny how Americans call our European cars "exotics"
    Always makes me giggle

  • Alan Founcright
    Alan Founcright 1 months ago

    No. The old models make more sense.

  • Ben Terry
    Ben Terry 1 months ago

    Would love a side by side comparison with a Boxster spyder.

  • lilttle bastard
    lilttle bastard 1 months ago

    The comment section on mdd is really more serious than in the main channel

  • Basil Fabian
    Basil Fabian 2 months ago

    I'm sorry that I don't watch your videos the moment you post them but I can't help but want to save up a few videos and binge watch after.

  • Sir Jelly Sugar
    Sir Jelly Sugar 2 months ago

    I saw one of these today. I live in Surrey. Uk.

  • Yumac L
    Yumac L 2 months ago

    I don’t understand why this video is in the 2nd channel ?

  • Guitar Universe!
    Guitar Universe! 2 months ago+1

    2:01 cool? More like the designer put a roof where the window would be!

  • Noah Mcnamara
    Noah Mcnamara 2 months ago

    Bush did 911

    SILVIU GAMING 2 months ago

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