Ken Jeong Answers Medical Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED



  • 눈치
    눈치 2 years ago+11298

    this is the first time ive seen an actual funny doctor.

  • Itz Tanooki
    Itz Tanooki 7 days ago+4892

    Doctors: it’s just a headache
    Google: get in ⚰️

  • [Lenny Face]
    [Lenny Face] 1 months ago+8314

    Doctor: It just normal and harmless
    Google: ITS A CANCER

  • Redonthehead71
    Redonthehead71 1 months ago+5867

    0:40 Kelly: How much vitamin c is ~too much~?
    Ken: Yes

  • Aditya Agarwal
    Aditya Agarwal 6 days ago+1161

    Son: I wanna be an actor
    Dad: It’s pronounced as “Doctor”

  • Sho Ud
    Sho Ud 6 months ago+19708

    He's a doctor, he's an actor and a comedian...biggest flex ever!

  • not a BTS fan
    not a BTS fan 1 months ago+2405

    "I wann burp, but why can't i?"
    "I don't know, i'm not your diaphragm"

  • Luke Mamaril
    Luke Mamaril 1 months ago+3789

    Wait a minute?
    tHiS ViDEo iS tWO yEArS oLD wHy yOuTuBE WhY??

  • El lokito 5150:.
    El lokito 5150:. 1 months ago+2557

    He wanted to be an actor but his dad said “no You be doctor”

  • creeper aw man
    creeper aw man 28 days ago+1412

    Doctor: it’s harmless, just get some sleep
    Google: i diagnose you with dead

  • Music Lover
    Music Lover 5 months ago+25850

    “Well honey did you drink last night? Hmm?? Glug glug??” 😂😂😂

  • Chillin’
    Chillin’ 1 months ago+2475

    5:39 “First of all stop using words like OHMAHGAHTOP” XD had me cracking

  • Elianna Warner
    Elianna Warner 4 days ago+135

    Treatment plans according to health professionals:
    School nurse: put some ice on it
    Doctor: I’ll prescribe you an antibiotic
    WebMD: plan your funeral

  • E Lewis
    E Lewis 7 days ago+566

    Doctor: Its natural
    Google: You have 40 different cancers

  • Courtney
    Courtney yesterday+51

    one time i had a huge white bump in my nose and i googled it and it said i had cancer. it was a pimple.

  • Nived Newalit
    Nived Newalit 3 days ago+90

    You know he’s a real doctor because half his answers were, “I must refer you to a specialist”

  • Acecident
    Acecident 3 days ago+22

    He probably wanted to be an actor/comedian but his parents were like “ok as long as u doctor son”

  • Sven van Gasteren
    Sven van Gasteren 7 days ago+508

    How to get into YouTube recommendations:
    1: do something cool
    2: wait 2 - 5 years

  • Kikifeisty
    Kikifeisty 2 days ago+22

    "A BABYY......can tell you how to check a pulse." 2:50 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tregeta
    Tregeta 5 months ago+16057

    "Do I really need both my kidneys?" Sounds like someone has some debts to pay off.