SML Movie: Precious's Pillow Fort!

  • Published on:  8/9/2019
  • Precious has taken over Junior's Pillow fort!http://www.smlmerch.comSUBSCRIBE to Chilly's channel


  • superbowserlogan
    superbowserlogan  14 days ago+7193

    Subscribe to Chilly channel to see more Precious!

  • Chilly
    Chilly 14 days ago+1949

    Why is this number 1 on trending? Hahaha we love you guys!! 🤣
    And if you haven’t heard, we hit 2 million subscribers on my channel yesterday 🥳 Thank you! 🤩

  • Ismet tantura
    Ismet tantura 7 days ago+229

    Video idea: jumanji- junior, Joseph, and Cody find the game in the attic and decide to play it but they get trapped in the game and have to escape or else they are trapped forever
    Like so Logan can see

  • sterling hatter
    sterling hatter yesterday+2

    Cody: There's a cat in the pillow fort.
    JR and Joseph: keeps conversing
    Cody: There's a CAT in the pillow fort. 😂😂😂😂

  • Gow D
    Gow D 7 days ago+84

    Me: Why am I watching this?
    Brain: Just watch
    Me: Why?
    Brain: JUST WATCH!!!

  • Gorge James
    Gorge James 7 days ago+69

    Hey, I watched when I saw this video on number one in trending! Now I subscribed because the video was funny and Precious is so cute!!!
    Edit: 57 likes in just two days?!? Wow! I can’t believe it!!!!

  • Gogettio
    Gogettio 14 days ago+788

    The fact that this was a joke vid but it’s 1 on trending

    ALI MANIA 4 days ago+9

    Fun fact kids: cats aren't the only thing cody is allergic to, but also is secondary colours

  • Chela Valdes
    Chela Valdes 8 hours ago

    When you made jeffys coma video did you actually shrink the big bean.

  • Eric Figueroa
    Eric Figueroa 7 days ago+9

    Who else noticed Joseph disappeared..... 🤔🤔🤔

  • White stickman 3DX Pro

    Press dis botton plz

  • Kanaan Landon
    Kanaan Landon 14 days ago+1217

    #1 on trending I thought they were never allowed to be on there, but I'm proud tho.

  • InsideOutWIRLionKing&HTTYD3 Fan2001

    Wreck it Ralph is also good at building pillow forts

  • Andon White
    Andon White 7 days ago+26

    precious: LEAVE ME THE F### ALONE DUDE

  • Kayla Hernandez with my baby husky

    I have two dogs one chiwawa named rambo and a big bit bull named pennut budder

  • Shiba gacha
    Shiba gacha 5 days ago+8

    My puppy's name is Angelo because my brother called her that so much she comes when you say it

  • Jayden Flores
    Jayden Flores 14 days ago+620

    Youtube: doesn’t give him money
    Also youtube: puts him on #1 trending

  • ItzPuggogamerz
    ItzPuggogamerz 4 days ago+4

    Can you plz make a video where Mario loses his voice?

  • ACBaller4 Baller
    ACBaller4 Baller 2 days ago

    Junior made two pillow forts before the other one was in Chef peepees sick

  • Boyhalla
    Boyhalla 3 days ago

    hairless sphinx cat, chonkin', and hella coming to raid the nearest condo