break - LUXURIA (feat. Hilton)

  • Published on:  11/29/2016
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  • Amcanız burda korkmayın çocuklarım

    (feat. Hillary Clinton)

  • Derick Torrezan
    Derick Torrezan 2 years ago+254

    Brasil, deixa aquele like aki!

  • Jaski Music Mixes
    Jaski Music Mixes 2 years ago+33

    More Hard Trap please <3

  • Chill Nation
    Chill Nation 2 years ago+152

    Dem Winter backgrounds though

  • Trap Nation
    Trap Nation  2 years ago+458

    A little on the chiller side for Trap Nation, but such a sick beat nonetheless. I tried to render the new visuals last night but something went wrong and it was 2 A.M so I went to sleep :(, hopefully tomorrow everything will ready to go! :)

  • RoKetBunyy
    RoKetBunyy 2 years ago+10

    I want new visuals😫
    I'm excited for tomorrow to see what it's gonna look like!

  • WhosSoapYT
    WhosSoapYT 2 years ago+21

    Nice upload for my birthday! 🙌🏽

  • H Y D R O 偉イム 塩

    This was a good beat but I feel like it had so much more potential.

  • 10 000 Subscribers Without Videos Challenge

    I had to get a mac after my windows broke.

  • Trap Madness
    Trap Madness 2 years ago+220

    Enjoy the Amazing Bass-Beat drop today:
    ▶ ----🔥----------------- [1:13] 🔁
    ▶ -------------🔥-------- [2:43] 🔁
    Saying for today :)
    Take a deep breath! Its JUST A BAD DAY, NOT A BAD LIFE
    Be happy, even if you have a bad day! there are people have a even rough life than you!

  • Epic Bass
    Epic Bass 2 years ago+7

    That is Dope TRAP! ♥

  • Purple Panda
    Purple Panda 2 years ago+5

    the vocals reminded me of drunk in love by beyonce

  • madmike987655
    madmike987655 2 years ago+18

    Loving the beat. Has a good rhythm to it and great bass, exactly what I like from trap music!

  • Illusion EDM
    Illusion EDM 2 years ago+7

    Beyoncé - Drunk in love? :O

  • Arnaud Du Guesclin
    Arnaud Du Guesclin 2 years ago+3

    this song drop harder than all of yours TRAP'
    so enjoy

  • Breno AnimesPlay the noob of PVP

    Só eu que me lembrei do pecado capital Luxuria?

  • Davide Belloli
    Davide Belloli 2 years ago+3

    Thanks for your attention man :)

  • Nicholas Moutsias
    Nicholas Moutsias 2 years ago+4

    Anyone recognise the vocal tune from drunk in love by Beyoncé?

  • katsy
    katsy 2 years ago+3

    Immediately recognized Abel's voice,I love this boy!

  • Pedro Baptista
    Pedro Baptista 2 years ago+2

    vaiii!!! eu não sou Friboi mas to na moda, a mulherada gosta, a mulherada gosta do papai🎶🎵 Não pera... vídeo errado