Celebrity Couples With Disturbing Age Gaps



  • Nicki Swift
    Nicki Swift  8 months ago+27

    What other celeb relationships should've made this list?

  • Britney Jackson
    Britney Jackson 9 months ago+876

    Leonardo DiCaprio and all his girlfriends.

  • mackdee911h3
    mackdee911h3 9 months ago+684

    .... so youre telling me David Schwimmer and his wife.... are on a break?

  • debbiedoodiedandi
    debbiedoodiedandi 9 months ago+295

    The only one that creeps me out is the Hutchinson-Stoddard relationship. That's just gross. And adding the mother-in-law into the mix makes it even worse.

  • John Bold
    John Bold 9 months ago+89

    It doesn't disturb me at all if the younger person isn't a minor.

  • Tori Richards
    Tori Richards 6 months ago+51

    How are age gaps disturbing? I think you all are confused about a very simple concept -old enough to be their father does not mean he IS her father

  • The Mighty Dash
    The Mighty Dash 9 months ago+468

    Kinda odd how you only showed couples where the man is older than the woman. You could have easily showed both.

  • Carol Driehorst
    Carol Driehorst 9 months ago+361

    Where's the older women with the young guy?

  • Nina Van H
    Nina Van H 9 months ago+217

    The relationship between Katharine mcphee and David foster gives me a really uncomfortable vibe.

  • Sachin Gahrana
    Sachin Gahrana 9 months ago+90

    Moral of the story: That your wife may isnt born yet.

  • Joshua Oliver
    Joshua Oliver 9 months ago+206

    Drake and Milly Bobby Brown
    Chill issa joke

  • Harry Lewis
    Harry Lewis 9 months ago+85

    Missed out Holland Taylor and Sarah Paulson

  • PureSparkles22
    PureSparkles22 9 months ago+73

    What about Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton?

  • Faizan Siddiqui
    Faizan Siddiqui 9 months ago+65

    Where’s Chris Hansen when you need him ?

  • MrB1923
    MrB1923 9 months ago+6

    To who exactly.
    Both adults.
    ZERO problems

  • Linda L
    Linda L 9 months ago+38

    you should've added older women & younger men couples too

  • Wraith Timid
    Wraith Timid 9 months ago+179

    Here’s a crazy idea: maybe if they’re happy and it’s legal, I dunno, mind your own business?

  • Dore Weiss
    Dore Weiss 9 months ago+74

    Using the word 'disturbing' is so unnecessary. If a couple is together is because they want to, no one forced no other side into it.
    With all difficulties and dilemmas, relationships with wide age gap function like every other couple - so get that 'disturbing' crap out of your head. If you've never been in a relationship with a much younger / older pratner you will never understand. DON'T JUDGE.

  • Leelee Xodgy
    Leelee Xodgy 9 months ago+39

    Where’s Jay z and Beyoncé?

  • Madeline H.
    Madeline H. 9 months ago+11

    When it’s two adults who are both past their twenties, it’s a lot different than a grown man marrying an actual child.