Tablecloth Trick FAILS (BTS)

  • Published on:  3/29/2019
  • Behind the scenes and extra bloopers from our "Tablecloth Tricks" video! See the finished video here: my book "how to write good" Official Store Channel - - - - us mail or whatever you want here!PO Box 232355Las Vegas, NV 89105


  • Pragya Jha
    Pragya Jha 4 months ago+2295

    Now I've watched 4 whole ads. Get that youtube cash Ryan😎( I know it ain't much, but it's honest work).

  • Abhijeet Bisen
    Abhijeet Bisen 4 months ago+1404

    This BTS is kinda different and kinda more classy..... new editor (I guess)😅

  • Samson Girma
    Samson Girma 4 months ago+1049

    Is it me or does this bts video seem like it's a high production thing

  • Ethan K
    Ethan K 4 months ago+1367

    I thought it was impressive that Ryan could make a trick shot video on tables
    Ryan then somehow makes a trick shot video on table cloths

  • Dorsa Khoshsima
    Dorsa Khoshsima 4 months ago+1911

    Now this is what real comedy is. some YouTubers really need to learn

  • Aditi Chawla
    Aditi Chawla 4 months ago+1600

    Watched a full 3 minute ad without skipping. This is me doing my part being a lamp.

  • MrGreen 03
    MrGreen 03 4 months ago+737

    Thank god i didn't have to watch Paco eating an egg again 🤢😂

  • Anna Zhang
    Anna Zhang 4 months ago+714

    5:43 are we not mentioning the fact that they made SICK BEATS out of a LEAKING HOSE?? Man that’s talent

  • kenzy :-D
    kenzy :-D 4 months ago+396

    I love how Ryan can keep a straight face while doing trickshots but couldn't stop laughing at the dad jokes

  • Tremolo Truong
    Tremolo Truong 4 months ago+656

    If you tell me all of these new cinematography crispy shots are from Paco I’m quitting YouTube.

  • Moofuzz
    Moofuzz 4 months ago+433

    Wonder if Paco actually accidentally did it correctly

  • Name
    Name 4 months ago+488

    Honestly, I prefer the old style of BTS because it showed you guys interact and goof around more and we got to see you without a script more/got to know you more personally. Personally I'm not really a huge fan of music montages, but that's just me. The actual video was dope though!

  • Sam Zinici
    Sam Zinici 4 months ago+333

    Who else thinks NigaHiga is the best YouTuber around? Also have a great day!

  • WillBill
    WillBill 4 months ago+142

    That transition from the garden hose beat to the regular music, was liiiittt

  • Jackie Perez
    Jackie Perez 4 months ago+237

    I’ve been watching Ryan for 9 years and I still don’t know if Marley is a boy or a girl 💀

  • owen
    owen 4 months ago+246

    Not gonna lie, the production quality is rlly high and I love that your trying new things but I do miss the old bts where u guys were goofing around a bit more

  • JCXP123
    JCXP123 4 months ago+215

    I was watching the original video and wondering where the behind the scenes were XD Your trickshot videos always involve so much work (aside from stop motion)

  • GD Plasman
    GD Plasman 4 months ago+74

    The fact the next song started playing with the exact same beat as the hose...quality stuff

  • rachparis
    rachparis 4 months ago+47

    No one:
    -Water bottle trickshots
    -Paper airplane trickshots
    -Ping pong trickshots
    -Table flip trickshots
    -Everyday trickshots
    -Tablecloth trickshots
    2025: oxygen trickshots

  • Harmony Shakes
    Harmony Shakes 4 months ago+79

    Dude perfect: I'm going to do a epic trickshot montage
    Ryan:hold my beer