Pyrotechnics Pro Explains the Art of a Massive Fireworks Show | WIRED



  • Maknirak
    Maknirak a years ago+318

    I love fireworks because it is an explosive that does not signal war, but rather the opposite.

  • Django Ray
    Django Ray a years ago+80

    Why don't they teach us this in chemistry?

  • Spider-Man Noir
    Spider-Man Noir a years ago+114

    What a well-detailed video this is

  • max xavier
    max xavier a years ago+65

    OMG he looked exactly like his father ^^

  • Telly Vin-a
    Telly Vin-a a years ago+29

    the sky is their canvas... great description

  • MainBaze
    MainBaze yesterday

    1:30 this illustration is incorrect... The black powder just explodes and launches it into the air, there isn't a flame stuck to the shell after the launch, - rather, it's coming up the tube

  • Nazz
    Nazz a years ago+30

    I have nothing but respect for these people. Happy 4th!

  • Floppy Bird
    Floppy Bird a years ago+25

    i am a very basic guy, all I need is: Boom. Boom. Boooooooom

  • salty-t
    salty-t a years ago+8

    This is amazing, what a sweet man!! Thank you for all of the happiness you’ve given to the crowds :’)

  • Alejandra Perez
    Alejandra Perez a years ago+77

    Happy 4th of July!

  • Shamsulazhar
    Shamsulazhar a years ago+18

    Amazing tech behind it all. Do one on controlled demolition please!

  • Kibrotik
    Kibrotik 2 months ago+4

    You telling me I can throw a 3¢ fire crack and it will explode all those fireworks in there

  • KGB
    KGB a years ago+15

    He sounds like a articulate Jeff Goldblum

  • Ned Mononymous
    Ned Mononymous a years ago+7

    Hey I've been to those fireworks nights at As games! Cool to see the behind the scenes stuff.

  • Steven Scott
    Steven Scott  a years ago+4

    How are the whistles and crackles made?

  • Daniel Thyringer
    Daniel Thyringer a years ago

    Hey... I need a blue close UV tint for 20/40 aluminum magnesium blend for a photograph. Thanks!

  • ⵉⵜⵔⵓⵏⴰⵓⵜ

    Lasers and drones can't possibly compete with the sounds and smells of a fireworks show.

  • Tony Draper
    Tony Draper a years ago

    Wow! Gotta love this mans passion.. Thanks for posting. Great video.

  • Michael US of America
    Michael US of America 1 months ago


  • Dyer Visuals
    Dyer Visuals a years ago+1

    that windows mac tho 3:44 LOL