Dope Tech of CES 2018! [Part 2]

  • Published on:  1/13/2018
  • CES = Cars, Robots and Electronics Show? This the finale recap!Dope Tech Part 1: fingerprint reader: TV video: space gray keyboards: Gear I use: I'm using right now: Track: Under the Water by Alltta~


  • Sam 1 years ago

    Expecting a full comprehensive review on *Mail Innovation*

  • Mareepu 1 years ago

    Thomas Gregan The problem with drone-delivered mail (which, by extension, means full automation) is the human cost of that. Thousands of people would lose jobs around the country because we couldn't wait 2 more days.I'd rather innovate with robotic assistance (such as with better sortation machines, more fuel-efficient trucks, more streamlined delivery systems) than with replacing everyone with robots altogether.

  • Stokes Pen 1 years ago

    There's a huge amount of technical innovation in this area. Just search for "robotic mail sorting" and that will get you started on curing the naivety here.

  • Hex MotionPictures 1 years ago

    ........and you still can't edit tweets

  • Rohishimoto 1 years ago

    Good, you shouldn't be able to

  • Richy Calculus 1 years ago

    Lynx IRL hwo the hell did u get my Wallpaper

  • Ben van der Walt 1 years ago

    That Bolt robot looked like a happy snake dancing around...

  • Swite 1 years ago

    hey ben could you help a fellow creator out by subscribing to my channel, it would be great to stay a youtube partner, and as of right now it doesnt look like i will

  • Black ★ 1 years ago

    I'm interested in the Mail Innovation Booth...

  • Eric Kev 1 years ago

    I worked at UPS as a contractor and you would be surprised of the technology they use and all the patents they have. The mail innovation would be interesting.

  • Alrighty Then! 1 years ago

    I'm kinda curious what it had to offer, myself.

  • 1 years ago

    OLED TV on the roll would be great. *No more large boxes* to fit into the car !

  • DevolopedTea57 God 5 months ago

    So an extra um say 500 pounds so you can move it well? I think the box comes forwards too much if the tv came out the front of the topof the box i would want it.

  • basaam Qasem 8 months ago

    1:53 watch it in 4k, tell me what happend

  • Jarrod'sTech 1 years ago

    Can't wait for that mail innovation.

  • Saimanda 10 months ago

    Jarrod'sTech i knew someone was going to mention this 😂😂

  • Jason McIntosh 1 years ago

    They're showing the future ways of losing your packages and marking them as delivered when they ran out of time that day and left it on the truck.

  • David Pastars 1 years ago

    That rollable TV is my favorite. It’s perfect because sometimes you just don’t want a TV staring at you all the time or blocking your window if you have it against a window. This way if I want to use it I can but every other time it can get out of the way.

  • Emmet 2 months ago

    He audio part looked amazing

  • Icybubba 9 months ago

    A rollable TV would be great

  • Tech Incorporated 1 years ago

    RGB Keyboard??Dope new tech for just Apple users!!

  • jojo997 1 years ago

    You can't say apple is behind in tech when microsoft is just as far behind lolChildren's toy brands like corsair/razer/msi/asus rog could focus less on their tacky rgb and learn a bit more from apple/microsofts build quality though 🍵

  • JoeAllstars 1 years ago

    Ninja1inblack did I mention Microsoft? No. Rgb keyboards are old news, that's all I was saying, chill out fanboy.

  • Alexander 1 years ago

    Samsung The Wall is a micro LED technology, not an OLED one.

  • Heightist 1 years ago

    If you need to ask people to subscribe out of pity you may as well just quit now.

  • Swite 1 years ago

    hey alex could you help a fellow creator out by subscribing to my channel, it would be great to stay a youtube partner, and as of right now it doesnt look like i will

  • 1 years ago

    That rollable TV though!