12.5lb Fried Rice Challenge

  • Published on:  7/19/2017
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  • Mufaddal Alazher
    Mufaddal Alazher 2 years ago+3776

    Yall pray this guy doesn't become a Zombie or else we all dead

  • yigi fong
    yigi fong 4 months ago+1162

    Grandma wants to know your location

  • Oh yea yea
    Oh yea yea 9 months ago+628

    Imagine getting hit in the stomach after that XD

  • Mystic Wolf
    Mystic Wolf 3 months ago+514

    Matt: Hey! Can I order 12 boxed of fried rice please?
    Worker guy: Yea sure.
    Worker guy's mind: Hes prob ordering for a huge family
    Worker guy: Sees this video
    Edit:wow guys thanks for all the likes! Hope you all have a wonderful fantastic day!

  • Moe Hawari
    Moe Hawari 6 months ago+428

    its so satisfying when he speeds up the video and u slowly see the mountain of food go down

  • A.S. Front
    A.S. Front 2 years ago+2447

    Imagine eating that with chopsticks

  • Anita Patwal
    Anita Patwal 1 months ago+163

    Matt stonie after eating 12.5lb of rice
    Asian Grandmother: Want more?

  • Shivangi Sharma
    Shivangi Sharma 21 days ago+71

    4:19 Matt be like
    "You guys dont understand, I skipped breakfast this morning !"
    Dude I feel full just watching you eat all that! You dont owe me a justification!

  • weirdoandrew
    weirdoandrew 6 months ago+164

    There is Sum Ting Wong with this guy.

  • Dyllan Mark Escama
    Dyllan Mark Escama 7 months ago+146

    Not even ricegum's total amount of subcribers can surpass the amount of rice in that bowl.

  • Kittybarks Puppymeows
    Kittybarks Puppymeows 10 months ago+2269

    Asian families must really love him cause he can eat so much

    RAAZ RANGREJ 9 months ago+84

    Man what you got that fork for😂😂

  • Micah Kennedy
    Micah Kennedy 1 months ago+35

    Rice is so good, even my microwave agrees!

  • Leya Wonder
    Leya Wonder 6 months ago+56

    Can you do a video about how you trained to eat that much and how do you maintain your wait and all these types of question because everyone is really curious

  • Ninoh
    Ninoh 7 days ago+12

    I love rice especially jambalaya rice. Shrimp fried rice one of my favorites tho

  • Talia Marie
    Talia Marie yesterday

    y'all ain't really fans until you know the music that plays in every video 😂

  • Edgar Ruiz
    Edgar Ruiz 2 days ago+1

    La neta no sé si ya compitió con Randy Santel
    Quién comerá más ....!!!!!
    🍔🍔🍔 Saludos 🙋 desde México 🇲🇽

  • LeFeï DaRager
    LeFeï DaRager 2 days ago


  • isyoboisos
    isyoboisos 2 months ago+32

    Toilet: flushes properly
    Matt: I’m about to end this whole man’s career

  • Maggie K
    Maggie K a years ago+1321

    I want to be as motivated and hard working as Matt Stonie's digestive system