Tumblr Awards v21



  • Haunted Callie Doll 9 months ago

    Me: Gucci Cowbelly, an intellectual: Gucksee

  • //Legacy 4 months ago

    Me: Guk-ki

  • MonaHerSelf 8 months ago

    I cant breathe this was so funny to hear

  • AdTorNav 9 months ago

    Thanos car meme died faster than thanos himselfEdit: thanos isn't dead just like thanos car meme, both will never die

  • Thanos Dione 8 days ago

    *laughs in legal spoilers*

  • Egg boi 1 months ago

    AdTorNav Well he dies in Endgame. Thanos car died before Endgame

  • Stefan 9 months ago

    Not gucci, it's "GUXXY"

  • Gamers Unite 7 months ago

    anyone else read this as "Not guxxy, it's "GUXXY""?

  • Visible Confusion 9 months ago

    Leave a like if you love cheese

  • Pichu Perez 1 months ago

    1.1K people love cheese. This is nowhere near enough people

  • OrangesOnRecRoom 3 months ago

    I DEVOUR chess

  • WalnutTime 9 months ago

    **leaves hilarious comment***cowbelly:y’all hear sumin?*

  • Karson Williams 9 months ago


  • fab u 9 months ago

    instead of his comment only show my reply. we dont support nerds on this channel

  • Im Gay 9 months ago

    My grandma had a near death experience, she said that god was tall, and wore purple overalls. All this time waluigi was god.

  • Nyan Cat 8 months ago

    L is god

  • That Random Ravenclaw 8 months ago

    Haha dump the spider for me cause *twirls* u know u wanna

  • jacob henke 9 months ago

    5:59 you have become the very thing you swore to destroy

  • BoostAddict 9 months ago

    nice crop job at 10:23

  • Nill.s Drawings 9 months ago

    Bigboibananaman Ye *gucksi*

  • Bigboibananaman Ye 9 months ago

    BoostAddict gucksi

  • Crow 9 months ago

    We are all watching this on the toilet. Dont deny it, this is what we watch on the toilet.

  • Moth Lad 3 months ago

    Crow jokes on you I watched this in the refrigerator

  • Badgurl_sonja 4 months ago

    Jokes on you, i don’t own a phone

  • NickIsMe 123 9 months ago

    You: Thanks bus driverMe an intellectual: Thanks the bus

  • No One 9 months ago

    Me, a drug: Thanks card for hiding me in them.

  • This Little Wolf 9 months ago

    Me, a card: Thanks therapist for letting me out of their pocket.