Gordon Ramsay Goes Oyster Fishing In Thailand | Gordon's Great Escape



  • Ruchir Jain
    Ruchir Jain 3 months ago+5088

    First time seeing him being happy about something being raw- uncooked

  • Ralph Christian Bernardo
    Ralph Christian Bernardo 2 months ago+698

    Gordon ramsay: puts the feet on the river
    Crocodile: its raw

  • phantom prophet
    phantom prophet 1 months ago+397

    I want that little Thai lady to get her own cooking show
    "Bang! Bang! with Mama Ya"

  • Jeffthespammer
    Jeffthespammer 3 months ago+713

    I am a simple man. I see Gordon Ramsay shirtless I click.

  • Dab_531
    Dab_531 3 months ago+1127

    Absolutely no one:
    Not a single living entity:
    Thailand Lady: BANG BANG MORE

  • Isak H
    Isak H 2 months ago+364

    3:45 - Gordon: Do you mind?
    Thai fisherman - "YEAH"
    Gordon proceeds eating the oyster

  • Iona
    Iona 1 months ago+231

    looks at gross snotty oyster
    Gordon: that looks amazing

  • 銢VIBED
    銢VIBED 3 months ago+97

    Gordon: What is that?
    Dude: An eagle
    Gordon: .. Wow.

  • IDK with myself
    IDK with myself 3 months ago+153

    4:43 gordon talking to thai lady.
    gordon: that smells amazing
    thai lady: thas right we have to bang.

  • Whyte Buff
    Whyte Buff 3 months ago+2500

    Gordon: Are there any snakes in the water.
    Guide: No
    Gordon goes under water
    Guide: Just crocodiles, leeches, eels, bacteria, etc.

  • Demon Dappz
    Demon Dappz 3 months ago+268

    ‘You know when oysters get that firmness once they’ve been pouched’
    Guy with cap

  • ultra Instinct Goku yo
    ultra Instinct Goku yo 3 months ago+64

    It makes me feel good when I see Gordon Ramsay happy

  • JeeHwan Ahn
    JeeHwan Ahn 2 months ago+65

    4:03 Person Nods
    Reality: No idea what Gordon is saying

  • Seriious ?
    Seriious ? 3 months ago+50

    This Gordon Ramsey is nothing like the Gordon Ramsey I’ve seen on kitchen nightmares!

  • Simon K
    Simon K 3 months ago+6270

    “That’s right we have to bang”
    -Random Thai lady

  • Don't Mind My Name
    Don't Mind My Name 1 months ago+46

    Ramsay: Begins monologuing on the taste and texture of the oyster
    Thai Guy: nods

  • Mr One
    Mr One 2 days ago+1

    Thai men: How is it?
    Gordon: I didn't think it would be that firm it was almost like it was cooked but "IT'S RAW"
    Thai fishermen: In his mind "you nailed it"

  • Le Crusader
    Le Crusader 2 months ago+24

    6:00 your typical south east asian asking if you want more spice xD
    love it!! love this upload gordon!!! :D

  • Jess dela Fuente
    Jess dela Fuente 1 months ago+24

    Gordon's wife: so sweetie how was your trip?
    Gordon: i went bang bang with this thai lady
    Wife:what in god's bloody name are you talking about
    Gordon:Luv no you dnt understand. We smashed things
    Wife: that's it im filing for divorce!

  • Oh no no
    Oh no no 3 months ago+1794

    Yaa: "Now we have to bang."
    Gordon: "No no, we'd better not bang."
    Yaa: "Ok, we have to smash."
    Gordon: "Bloody hell."