Bored To Death - blink-182 [LYRIC VIDEO]

  • Published on:  4/27/2016
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  • ThruThe9
    ThruThe9 3 years ago+499

    My dick's too short to last long

  • Admiral General Aladeen
    Admiral General Aladeen 3 years ago+1594

    Everyones playing Pokemon again, blink 182 has a #1 song, a Clinton's running for president, Tarzan in theaters. Welcome to 2001

  • VinnyTheMax
    VinnyTheMax 3 years ago+1280

    Pokemon and Blink-182 are back! it's 1999 all over again! :)

  • Anna G
    Anna G 2 years ago+257

    I feel 14 again. What a throw back style. Fuck it. I like it. makes me feel young again.

  • Lukas Kabaciauskas
    Lukas Kabaciauskas 3 years ago+51

    When you realize it's a 2016 song and it's actually good.

  • JR Raab
    JR Raab 3 years ago+2105

    I feel like I'm overdosing on happiness right now

  • WildCardHarlequin
    WildCardHarlequin 2 years ago+271

    Everyone is playing pokemon, and there is a new Blink-182 song... What year is it again? XD

  • Jon k
    Jon k 2 years ago +86

    I think this song is about Tom, the first verse being his point of view, and the second verse about Matt saving the band. Or maybe I'm just really high

  • objective evidence
    objective evidence 2 years ago+95

    This songs' fucking catchy. I love it. it's fabulous

  • D Rodd
    D Rodd 2 years ago+35

    The voices in my yead are always screaming.

  • Dead Paul
    Dead Paul 2 years ago+63

    when you realized that the lyric video has more views than th official video

  • Luca Marini
    Luca Marini 2 years ago+44

    omg this bring me back to '90/2000 years <3

  • BrentitoHD
    BrentitoHD 2 years ago+39

    The intro is like a combination of Adam's Song and Feeling This. I dig it.

  • MegaKaiser45
    MegaKaiser45 2 years ago+76

    #1 song? OMG, I'm so happy it's a Blink 182 song.

  • BagginZHD
    BagginZHD 2 years ago+138

    Not gonna lie, I'm only here because of Forza Horizon 3

  • Sir Maggotbone
    Sir Maggotbone 2 years ago+48

    fucking love Blink 182 so much. i am glad they got back to make the last few albums

  • Christian Heredia
    Christian Heredia 3 years ago+39

    Glad blink is back, all time favorite band. I care what that the haters say about what they sing about. 27 with three kids and my soul still exists in the time when I was 17

  • Wes Lou
    Wes Lou 3 years ago+326

    is this the#1 song people are talking about

  • A Day To Remember
    A Day To Remember 3 years ago+2062

    Can't wait for this summer!

  • D Nelson
    D Nelson 2 years ago+86

    are you freaking kidding me..
    this whole time I've been saying "there's an anchor pulling out the meaning"