My Lucky Boy - Scary Story Time // Something Scary | Snarled

  • Published on:  2/5/2019
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  • SNARLED 4 months ago

    A huge thank you to all of our sponsors! Ads keep Something Scary running and FREE for you to enjoy! Without them, there would be no show.

  • Hazel Quinao 11 hours ago

    Love u shap!!!!!

  • datboieman 16 days ago

    When she stops blabbering about random shit 2:56

  • Wolfy 7800 4 months ago

    Wanna hear Something Scary??I went to the fridge...There was no food.

  • Kate_editzx 7 hours ago


  • Romina Alvarez 10 hours ago

    OMG!!!!!!!AHHHHH!!!!!!!WATCHA GONNA EAT???

  • Tuti Fruti 25 days ago

    Starts at 2:56 thank me laterI liked my own comment

  • Tuti Fruti yesterday

    @Gachagang_cookie no problem

  • Tuti Fruti yesterday

    @Nunu Morris no problem lol😂

  • Tamia Turner 1 months ago

    Son: bye mommy I’m going with new mommyMom: IS MY HUSBAND CHEATING ON ME!!!Edit: i know that u guys would not be surprised but i have never had this many liked beforeEdit: thanks for so many likes!

  • awanewquay rendon 12 hours ago


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  • Eve Brown 2 months ago

    No one:Sapphire: *bUY a pUrplE MatTresS*Edit: wow thanks for all the likes that’s the most I’ve ever had! 😁

  • Eve Brown 9 days ago

    •iluvtaetae• thank youuuuu

  • •iluvtaetae• 10 days ago

    Lmao i like ur profile

  • D J 16 days ago

    Jason: Bye mommy, I'm going to be with new mommy.*dissapears*Also Jason: tHiS iS a StOrY aBoUt How I dIeD, I dOn'T rEmEmBeR hOw i LiVeD bUt HeRe We Go-

  • Ariana Elle 4 months ago

    Why isn’t this a T.V. Show?

  • Jesse Bond 2 days ago

    @SNARLED Yaaaay!!! You go Sapphire! I don't watch TV anymore but I'll definitely watch it for the first time in years just for your show!Much love, -Jesse

  • Miriam Garcia 6 days ago


  • BaoBao! At the disco 2 months ago

    "Her lips were completely torn off". I DON'T WANT TO SEE DANGLING LIPS 🤢

  • lolgirl AKA345 5 days ago

    Sameeee dude

  • Crunchyy 11 days ago

    nkbujvytcygvujno Yeah, either way it would be gross

  • Mediocre Really 2 months ago

    “I always thought Jason was lucky. He actually wasn’t breathing when I first gave birth to him.” _that doesn’t sound very lucky to me 🤷🏻‍♀️_

  • Annie Detroit 2 days ago

    @cantaloupe At least I can spell, you tragic waste of carbon and water.

  • cantaloupe 2 days ago

    Annie Detroit u a wetawd

  • god of demons 2 months ago

    Lady: you already now what she wants....... dat purple mattress!

  • Denver Bajio 1 months ago