BuzzFeed: The McDonald's of Feminism

  • Published on:  6/21/2017
  • BuzzFeed back at it again with the mass-produced feminism videosMERCH... Podcast is available at:ITUNES ► PLAY MUSIC ►►'s Twitter............►►http://h3h3productions.spreadshirt.comInstagram................►'s Instragram.....►►http://h3h3productions.comSubreddit.................► Video: Island Game Loop - Latinesque by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Matters by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


  • Spamael
    Spamael 2 years ago+2507

    "I've had my period for 11 years"
    You might want to have that checked out

  • dudeinco
    dudeinco 10 months ago+1268

    "Buzzfeed is not good for you" - Hila, 2017

  • Noisy cow 777
    Noisy cow 777 a years ago+1313

    “This was a pretty light day” proceeds to pull out an entire ziploc bag full of crap

  • Júlia Érdi
    Júlia Érdi 4 months ago+405

    throw your used tampon on your boyfriend and if he makes any reaction he doesn’t love you LEAVE HIM!

    MITCHELL WIGGS a years ago+2613

    I always laugh at their videos but when I saw ethan throwing his shitty diaper off the balcony I totally lost it and started crying laughing lol

  • SiSeSears
    SiSeSears 2 years ago+2018

    Period blood just isn't blood either. It's the lining of the Uterus. So it's a mixture of mucus, endometrial tissues, blood and other secretions. It's waste, plain and simple. It's gross in the same way feces and urine are gross.

  • RIP Joergen
    RIP Joergen 5 months ago+595

    "I am disgusted and I want him to stop using adult diapers"
    That's pretty racist, Hila.

  • Petteri Tuovinem
    Petteri Tuovinem 2 months ago+99

    when I was a child, my mom once had her period in the sauna and my father said that mommy is dying and me and my brother started to cry xD

  • Julia Sa12
    Julia Sa12 3 months ago+180

    Hila referring to a period as “here’s a little cute one” killed me😂

  • Karnivore Volpe
    Karnivore Volpe 2 months ago+182

    "My sister was always really good at hiding that part of her.."

  • Alex Faudel
    Alex Faudel a years ago+6679

    girls see their boyfriends' cumsocks for the first time

  • HomerSimpson FromFamilyMan

    Next is Kim Kardashian's period blood vs Katy Perry's period blood

  • Vana
    Vana 6 months ago+88

    they never talked about hiding the painful cramps and discomfort in public

  • Desaz Music
    Desaz Music 3 months ago+105

    The fact that Ethan is so crazy I wouldn't be surprised if thats real poop on the toilet paper.

  • tPeter Aesersen
    tPeter Aesersen 10 months ago+251

    We live in a society

  • Frank D
    Frank D 2 years ago+1638

    buzzfeed helped me lose alot of weight, everytime i felt hungry after eating i go to their channel and lose my appetite

  • Linca Irina
    Linca Irina 4 months ago+82

    What does she even mean by "going in another room".
    goes to the bathroom
    Girl: Ah shit, not again...
    goes out of bathroom
    Girl: Hey sweetie cutie pumpkin pie!!! I got bad news...
    Guy: what
    Girl: Yeah, ya see I got my period so now I have to stay in my room for a week, sorry...

  • Mike Zilla
    Mike Zilla 2 months ago+40

    "I've had my period for about 11 years..."
    How are you still living?!

  • Magyar GabeN
    Magyar GabeN 1 months ago+20

    Murderer walks in with a corpse on his back: YES, I AM A MURDERER AND IM NOT ASHAMED OF IT ANYMORE! I AM EMPOWERED

  • Jeal
    Jeal 2 months ago+52

    Legend says that he is still throwing his diapers