Anakin Is Palpatines Son In The Rise Of Skywalker Leaked Hints (Star Wars Episode 9)

  • Published on:  7/12/2019
  • Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker is said to have many callbacks to the prequels and originals by director jj abrams that is set to change the skywalker saga. We will be going into some star wars the rise of skywalker spoilers....potential spoilers of course that have to do with anakin skywalker and palpatine as well as rey and kylo ren. These star wars episode 9 spoilers are to have to do with hints of anakin skywalker being the son and creation of darth sidious / palpatine. WATCH MY LAST VIDEO (THE RISE OF SKYWALKER TRAILER 2 SHOCKING NEWS REVEALED! STAR WARS EPISODE 9 TRAILER) Today! I thank You for the kind support.LIKE the Official Mike Zeroh Facebook page below Official Mike Zeroh Twitter Intro Designed by MUSIC BY filmed in the outro by in the outro is by Benn Down The Divider (Reprise) from his Zombies III Album.


    MIKE ZEROH  1 months ago+7


  • jlin 77
    jlin 77 1 months ago+22

    If this is true it would make sense in the way that it would "tie all 9 films together"; as has been stated by many people. Started with Palpatine ends with Palpatine. He's been part of all of it from the beginning until the end.

  • Nicholas Nubin
    Nicholas Nubin 1 months ago+21

    Perhaps Sidious chose Shmi to give birth to his son because she is the descendant of Revan.

  • Nicholas Nubin
    Nicholas Nubin 1 months ago+19

    I hope we get Darth Plagueis & Sidious: A Star Wars Story after TROS.

  • Michael Baluja
    Michael Baluja 1 months ago+8

    Anikin was “born” of the force. Palpatine told anikin darth plagueis could manipulate midichlorians to create life. Palpatine “creating” anikin shouldn’t be a mind blower here.

  • Crazi Speedster
    Crazi Speedster 1 months ago+16

    Luke cut himself off from the force because he found out that he and Vader WERE created by Darth SID..GRANDFATHER, FATHER, SON..WHAT A FAMILY REUNION

  • Nicholas Nubin
    Nicholas Nubin 1 months ago+19

    Anakin being Sidious son makes sense why he keep Vader alive after Mustafar and why he was so interested in Anakin as a child. Plus it explains why Vader has such a strong connection to the Dark Side.

  • MeIn SearchOf
    MeIn SearchOf 1 months ago+4

    HOPE this isn't true. It's a horrible plot. But with Disney Star Wars, there is little HOPE.

  • Phillip LaMay
    Phillip LaMay 1 months ago+1

    It’s Cannon that Palps created Anakin through the force. It was in the comics. So in theory, he is their creator/father.

  • magatetus
    magatetus 1 months ago+3

    I really hope not, virgin birth inspiration is better.

  • Ronald D Mottley Jr
    Ronald D Mottley Jr 1 months ago+1


  • Fresh Prince
    Fresh Prince 1 months ago+6

    That's gonna be a cool story line but if the sith lord is really gonna come back threw possession then they should have anakin or Luke come back as well, mostly anakin and he will fight sidious till the death

  • Deddy Chandra
    Deddy Chandra 1 months ago

    Palpatine : kill him!!!
    Kylo : No, i'm a skywalker like my grand daddy before me!!!
    Palpatine struck kylo with lighting, while kylo begging gran daddy for help.
    Anakin then throws palpatine to a bottomless sea.
    ROTJ all over again LOL

  • clamo6362
    clamo6362 1 months ago+1

    Only thing I want to know about arm is when the next trailer is coming.

  • Trevor Haslett
    Trevor Haslett 1 months ago+5

    This would bring everything full circle! Holy schnitzel I’m going to run a lap around the theater if this all takes place. Screw it im bring my red Sidious saber from UltraSabers, all Star Wars fans need to check out UltraSabers! @mikezeroh your awesome!

  • Andrew Stapleton
    Andrew Stapleton 1 months ago+4

    This means Anakin inherited the force all the way from Darth Revan, but Shmi Skywalker is basically the first Skywalker. This quite explains Anakin's legacy with Revan's followed by Ben Solo's

  • DecarabiaSatanachia
    DecarabiaSatanachia 1 months ago+3

    In TFA when rey has the flashback, the words Energy are said few times.

  • DecarabiaSatanachia
    DecarabiaSatanachia 1 months ago+10

    Where was child services when palp was abusing Luke by electrocution.

  • King Smokes
    King Smokes 1 months ago

    How Disney is going with this bet..
    Plot twist: Palpatine is Anakin & cloned himself multiple times but snoke was a deformed version of Skywalker but the plan is to make a army of Skywalkers. #RiseOfTheSkywalker 😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Existentialism Tyrant
    Existentialism Tyrant 1 months ago+3

    I have a bad feeling about this...