• Published on:  9/14/2018
  • Well this day came with an incredible twist. From looking for a project car for the both of us to finding my all-time dream car. Going to try and do my best to get this car!➥ SUPPORT THE BRAND![INSTAGRAM][TWITTER] ME STUFF: 📪P.O. Box #2311 609 S. Goliad St. Rockwall, TX 75087___MUSIC (follow him): Mike D - BY


  • Evan Shanks
    Evan Shanks  11 months ago+940

    Anyone out here saying I'm copying TJ or anyone else can kiss my sweaty thicc butt. It's been my dream car since I was a little kid and I'm not gonna let a bunch of angry kids prevent me from getting it. If you don't like it, go away because I'm going to get one :)

  • Umer Afzal
    Umer Afzal 11 months ago+807

    Thanks for informing 300k people about a supra for sale

  • MDethCKR
    MDethCKR 11 months ago+169

    Didn't put in an offer...And it isn't a junkyard. This is an auction lot. /bait

  • Robert Westhoff
    Robert Westhoff 11 months ago+19

    2 videos later and no car. Stop click baiting

  • Jaycee 925
    Jaycee 925 11 months ago+60

    Poor supra its gonna get riced out so bad

  • Miguel Arias
    Miguel Arias 11 months ago+60

    "I dont never had any dream car but the supra" HAHAHAHA dude i can make a compilation on how much youve said that. Like when dustin had an evo. The evo then became your dream car.

  • Vincent Guida
    Vincent Guida 11 months ago+82

    Can't wait for the 2jz 350z to be done Teej!! Oh wait, sorry.. wrong channel...

  • Bennett Yardy
    Bennett Yardy 11 months ago+17

    If it were your dream car you would have it. You own very expensive cars already, before a Supra. It ain’t your dream car lol. The Supra has always been my dream car so I saved up for it for 4 years and now I own one. If it were your dream. You would have it...

  • Tryant666
    Tryant666 11 months ago+44

    I don't undestand these titles.. :MAKING AN OFFER ON A JUNKYARD SUPRA!! Doesn't make an offer becuz he has to wait for auction
    Other Video WE FOUND THE PERFECT JUNKYARD GEM!! They can't even see the car because they have to wait for auction..
    Or am i missing something?

  • GBody Rob
    GBody Rob 2 days ago

    Shit up I got this!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣as the bumper hangs on the ground 🤣🤣

  • Tristan Chaperon
    Tristan Chaperon 8 months ago+2

    DON’T buy flood cars, it could have been flooded in seawater and it will rust out in a year or two

  • Logan Strong
    Logan Strong 11 months ago+9

    Tj rents on mustang in Hawaii even wants a mustang tj buy Supra Evan wants Supra

  • Steve Bacchus
    Steve Bacchus 11 months ago+6

    Did evan whisper under his breath to his wife @ 11:35 get off of me.....

  • Tre Filmz
    Tre Filmz 11 months ago+136

    “OMG BABE ITS A SUPRA”😂💀 I would’ve had the same reaction

  • GBody Rob
    GBody Rob 2 days ago

    Dam those shoes look mittens for the feet 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • DaTwistedOne1
    DaTwistedOne1 11 months ago+37

    Dude called Copart a junk

  • Agustin Szalai
    Agustin Szalai 11 months ago+21

    that porsche you saw, was a turbo s 918 spyder edition, it was sold ONLY to people who bought the 918 spyder... nice find jaajjaaja

  • Ceeze
    Ceeze 11 months ago+9

    We get your still trying so hard to copy tj hunt Supra, rx7 smfh your lame

  • Dan AYP
    Dan AYP 11 months ago+129

    Haha, everyone wanted a evo, supra, gtr etc as a kid! Me included man. Good luck and hope it works out!

  • GBody Rob
    GBody Rob 2 days ago

    Yeeeah v6 mustangs💪🏾💪🏾 hahaha