Girl Group Moments That Made My Jaw Drop And Heart Flutter

  • Published on:  2/5/2019
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  • paula l
    paula l 6 months ago+11237

    can you believe there are people who stan ONLY boy groups?? can't relate

  • aei -
    aei - 6 months ago+1345

    Gfriends blindfold dance goes to prove haters how many times they have practiced

    CHRISTOPHER LE 6 months ago+901

    Gfriend blindfolded was the best one in my opinion, goes to show how much these girls practice. Nice video

    PEACHYYY BABY 2 months ago+361

    Ain’t a fan of gfriend, but they are undeniably amazing when it comes to dancing. Their synchronization is perfect👌.

  • nisa f
    nisa f 6 months ago+487

    Ooh thats GFRIEND. Stant talent bruh.

  • Le Chrissy
    Le Chrissy 6 months ago+10323

    Im surprised that no one talks about BoA's upside down walk, i mean, WHAT A QUEEN

  • Mina Chou
    Mina Chou 6 months ago+432

    Gfriend makes me goosebump

  • Username 606
    Username 606 3 months ago+165

    Boa be walking upside down and here I am can't even lift my fucking feet at the same time.
    GFriend be like "Blindfold? Not a problem."
    And ahem, Ms. Lalisa you're being too rude...

  • Vincesanity
    Vincesanity 4 months ago+158

    Gfriend while dancing with blindfolds are still in sync even theyre not in theyre right positon somehow

  • Bangdone
    Bangdone 6 months ago+190

    I clicked cause gfriend was the thumbnail dancing blindfolded

  • emel
    emel 6 months ago+5621

    stan girl groups for clear skin and good health

  • Giang Hoàng
    Giang Hoàng 6 months ago+257

    1:23 - 5:04 Gfriend is the Queen 😍😍😍

    SUPA BLASTA NUKE 1 months ago+25

    98% of the comments: GFRIEND
    1%: The actual vid
    1%(me): DAT UPSIDE DOWN WALK THO! I cant even walk correctly and DIS GURL BE WALKING UPSIDE DOWN.

  • Buddy여자진구
    Buddy여자진구 6 months ago+166

    I see gfriend and click💕

  • Amilien Stone
    Amilien Stone 6 months ago +312

    GFRIEND is perfect group! They're very talented, amazing🤤

  • Gatitu revluv
    Gatitu revluv 6 months ago+7035

    I'm not saying I like girlbands more than I do with boybands, but that's exactly what I'm saying

  • Neya Copino
    Neya Copino 5 months ago+62

    My favorite here is Gfriend blindfold dance...... its very amaizing..!!😱😱❤❤❤

  • Theodore Javier
    Theodore Javier 6 months ago+63

    gfriend: danced with blindfolds on.
    buddies: birdbox who?!?!?!?

  • 譚奧黛麗
    譚奧黛麗 1 months ago+33

    GFRIEND made two appearances, what can I say, they're not GODFRIEND for no reason 😏😏

  • crazy yy
    crazy yy 2 months ago+77

    all love for GFRIEND that they always deserved.