Apple Foldable iPhone! Latest Apple Leaks!



  • EverythingApplePro
    EverythingApplePro  5 months ago+2479

    We'd really appreciate a like! Worked very hard for several days to bring you this concept! I'll finish the giveaways this week!

  • Jeffrey Liang
    Jeffrey Liang 5 months ago+876

    Oh....we just need “affordable phone “ not a “foldable phone”

  • ‡ Føx Sên ‡
    ‡ Føx Sên ‡ 5 months ago+271

    New Apple iPhone Fold will come at an "affordable" price of $4,999.

  • Riyaz patan
    Riyaz patan 5 months ago+66

    some youtubers are doing really good job at designing good looking phones than the actual companies

  • Boi wot
    Boi wot 5 months ago+30

    Lmao folding phones have been out since the early 2000s

  • oli • 11 years ago
    oli • 11 years ago 3 months ago+33

    Lol people said
    Affordable phone
    A foldable phone
    apple got it wrong

  • Batman Ko
    Batman Ko 5 months ago+809

    Apple first foldable phone was the 6

  • Creeper?
    Creeper? 5 months ago+145

    Apple is like that one kid that you let copy your homework but he does it a little bit better so the teacher thinks you copied him.
    I feel like without Android, IOS wouldn't be brave enough to release new tech

  • KSFish FX
    KSFish FX 5 months ago+363

    This video is cool and all but lets not ignore that has airpods for $42 rn😂🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Puss in Jordans
    Puss in Jordans 3 months ago+48

    Apple and Samsung: invents folding phones
    Phone case manufacturers: am i a joke to you?

  • Samir Safarov
    Samir Safarov 3 months ago+39

    Apple Fold, It’s cheap. Only $45,000

  • Vladislav
    Vladislav 5 months ago+368

    iPhones foldable phone price will be higher than Mount Everest

  • da.edits
    da.edits 5 months ago+36

    Apple, now introducing the iFold!
    audience claps
    It will cost a kidney, an arm and an extra £1,000
    audience gets up and leaves

  • I am Groot
    I am Groot 3 months ago+6

    * Billie Eilish plays *

  • Vancouver Island
    Vancouver Island 4 months ago+9

    Hats off to Samsung for bringing new tech designs to the public.
    People laughed at the Note and then others followed with bigger displays and now Samsung brings the Fold out and now others will follow.
    Samsung once again has the upper hand for bringing new tech to the table.

  • Floppy 6022
    Floppy 6022 2 days ago

    The biggest bug is where you can modify the sim card and get free lifetime mobile data.

  • krish jain
    krish jain 5 months ago+241

    The ifoldable? More like the iunafordable....
    Ill leave

  • My Channel Sucks, Help!
    My Channel Sucks, Help! 5 months ago+6

    apple make an affordable phone before you make a foldable phone please

  • mark morris
    mark morris 1 months ago+2

    But doesn’t a phone that folds beat a tablet?
    I thought a folding phone was able to do more besides just folding, like a feature is that it’s a powerful as a tablet now.
    I’m just asking

  • Tr3x _
    Tr3x _ 3 months ago+5

    This apple model looks almost exactly like the Samsung fold 😂