STAR WARS 9 Official Trailer (2019) The Rise Of Skywalker Movie HD

  • Published on:  4/12/2019
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  • Eternal Odyssey
    Eternal Odyssey 4 months ago+1932

    "The Saga comes to an end" It doesn't even feel like it started.

  • E.A.R.
    E.A.R. 1 months ago+240

    That laugh was George Lucas Running to the bank..!!

  • Viper Guy
    Viper Guy 1 months ago+131

    The Rise of Skywalker means that Anakin will have the high ground.

  • Luke Huizenga
    Luke Huizenga 3 months ago+469

    They managed to hire the entire Senate for one movie. That's impressive.
    Most impressive.

  • Luis Gutierrez
    Luis Gutierrez 3 months ago+154

    So anakin's sacrifice was pretty much useless ?

  • Greg Peabody
    Greg Peabody 4 months ago+1762

    I just realised, there is a secret Skywalker. One that's been in every movie. Anakin's "first born" and true heir... C3PO. Rise C3PO, rise.

  • Lord Nikushimi
    Lord Nikushimi 3 months ago+395

    When Lucas shouldn't have sold Star Wars to Disney

  • Nirmalya Misra
    Nirmalya Misra 3 months ago+163

    I dont even remember what happened in SW 7 & 8 even though they are much more recent. So this trailer doesn't emotionally do anything to me. SW 1-6 is still vivid in my mind though.

  • The Spud Brother
    The Spud Brother 3 months ago+177

    I’ve got a bad feeling about this

  • J EJH
    J EJH 3 months ago+22

    I can spoil the movie for you.
    Rey kill’s palpatine unfortunately.
    Kylo dies or join the rebels the rebels destroys the first order the rebels win the end. The movie get’s lots and lot’s of hate!

  • Silent Ninja
    Silent Ninja 4 months ago+1260

    Palpatine: "DId you ever hear the tragedy of the Star Wars Sequels?"

  • Hungarian Gopnik
    Hungarian Gopnik 4 months ago+306

    Palpatine: Im about to end this jedi's whole carrier

  • Ramond Ferreal
    Ramond Ferreal 3 months ago+53

    It’s a trap, Lando! They gonna kill you too!

  • m
    m 3 months ago+96

    SW9: the end of a saga.
    SW10: ok, now the end of a saga.
    SW11: hang on..

  • Jogi
    Jogi 3 months ago+273

    Plot twist:

    ERIC GRAVES 1 months ago+31

    Kinda lame their bringing back the Emperor. Snoke could have been bad ass. Give us new bad guys and a ACTUAL Luke Skywalker fight!!!!! With the green lightsaber

  • HeavyJ318
    HeavyJ318 4 months ago+49

    Star Wars: The 4 Billion Dollar Suppository

  • Mikesch Burlimann
    Mikesch Burlimann 4 months ago+46

    Futurama knew it all along: Episode IX - Yoda's Bar Mitzvah

  • Florian Dutey
    Florian Dutey 3 months ago+59

    Wow, they managed to promise something even more shitty than the 8. That's incredible

  • Forrest Gump
    Forrest Gump 4 months ago+1554

    Remember all that training that Rey received......yeah me neither