No Thumbs, No Problem (ft. Jacksepticeye) - Ten Minute Power Hour



  • Jacob Stanchfield
    Jacob Stanchfield 13 hours ago

    I didn’t even realize Jack was holding Ross’s hand in the beginning

  • White_Ari
    White_Ari 13 hours ago

    I rewatched this and realize how thicc dan’s beard is.

  • Josie Overland
    Josie Overland yesterday

    *"No shit PBBBBTTHHHH"* is such an underappreciated line

  • bluelfsuma
    bluelfsuma yesterday

    "Please Turn Off The Lights You Heathens"

  • 2021Nadiya Abdi
    2021Nadiya Abdi 2 days ago

    6:34 Oml Jack is dying

  • Austin Miller
    Austin Miller 2 days ago

    There are 420 dislikes... Why do I think that says something about their content?😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • EyeBeLikeYeet Yup
    EyeBeLikeYeet Yup 3 days ago

    when dan said "paint me like one of your french girls." i turned gay for 10 seconds

  • You Slumber, Cucumber

    Dan can work well with almost anyone.

  • nuggypie school
    nuggypie school 4 days ago


  • owen c.
    owen c. 4 days ago

    clicking a pen without your thumb is not hard

  • Severed_ _Shadow
    Severed_ _Shadow 5 days ago

    Dan and sean talking about shoving thumbs up butts Arin doesn't think about it Arin is the wierd one

  • Brittany Sheppard
    Brittany Sheppard 5 days ago

    9:15 😂😂😂 Dan sounds like concerned mom 😂😂😂

  • Brittany Sheppard
    Brittany Sheppard 5 days ago

    6:00 Boys never grow up. They just get bigger.

  • Chloe Canada
    Chloe Canada 6 days ago

    I had been talking to my friend about me landing face first into carpet and I got toothpaste in my eye. And no joke when I got back onto YouTube Dan got toothpaste in his eye 😂😂 he thinks I have demonic powers now lol

  • Son Froku
    Son Froku 6 days ago

    *STOP* *IT*
    -Arin Hanson 2018

  • 22wilsonj
    22wilsonj 6 days ago+1

    Dans thumb gave me nightmares

  • Aesthetic Music
    Aesthetic Music 6 days ago

    Pp and J sandwich

  • Romi Arnejo
    Romi Arnejo 7 days ago

    So Jack is actually pretty hot...

  • Hannah Ji-Yong
    Hannah Ji-Yong 7 days ago

    How could a game grumps video get better? Add Jack!

  • I Personally Disfavor The Whole Enchilada

    6:20 do you know how many girls ages 14 - 25 who are also big fans of jacksepticeye would love to be in Dan and Arin' s positions? Let's just say lots.