No Thumbs, No Problem (ft. Jacksepticeye) - Ten Minute Power Hour



  • FrakesJc 9 months ago

    This Sean guy is pretty funny, he should have a youtube channel

  • xman 1 8 hours ago

    Boi he does

  • TheGacha Cactus 2 days ago

    FrakesJc his YouTube channel is Jacksepticeye

  • Shirley R. 8 months ago

    My cousin was born with no thumbs so our family bought it for her and she wins every time

  • Stella Potter 2 days ago

    I am feeling so happy all of a sudden

  • Tech_Shockツ 20 days ago

    My brain: *whatever you do, DON'T comment.*Me: *im sorry*Also me: 👍🙃👍

  • Aaaaaaand now i've seen three adult men with thumb straps blowing on condoms together

  • Pearl Exquisite 2 days ago

    Is it bad that the adult bit is the most questionable part of that scenario?

  • Jonboi 5 days ago

    I didn’t expect them to actually get condoms but they did

  • •Ash Flynn• 8 months ago

    I’ll take orange because that’s my signature color! I’ll take green because that’s my signature color! I’ll take blue because *i wish I was dead*

  • Keara Dinicola 1 months ago

    how did this get 2.3K likes all you did was repeat what they said

  • that's what i think all the time though lol

  • Doe JrPuck 8 months ago

    "Good choice going with Bank of Ireland..."Jacks face right there is priceless.

  • Lawan Leiser 1 months ago

    @Autumn Sprott same, I want to but I can't

  • Autumn Sprott 1 months ago

    The only reason I didn't press like is because 666 was the amount.

  • Lillie Ampurra 8 months ago

    "did you know three out of four people like thumbs up their butt"arin: not mejack: me neitherdan: nuh-uh*all three look at the camera*

  • Blissfulldemise 3 months ago


  • Skittle Haus 5 months ago

    Yeah, Arin has neeeever done that.

  • The Red Cloud 5 months ago

    13:11 why is no-one talking about this? this is The cutest, more wholesome thing i've seen in The whole yeardamn dan. you're too adorable for a grown Man who curse and do weird shit in youtube for a living

  • SmolBun 27 days ago

    Ok wtf is jack doing tho??

  • doll mouse 9 months ago

    6:23 *_S T O P I T_*

  • Sophia 4 months ago

    Dan's "draw me like one of your french girls" was pretty hot 6:34

  • morgan miser 12 days ago

    Right omg

  • 8 Neon lights 8 1 months ago

    I mean .... it was .

  • A Hazy Nebula 8 months ago

    Jack wang whacking everyone with the condom gave my abs a great workout, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.