No Thumbs, No Problem (ft. Jacksepticeye) - Ten Minute Power Hour



  • Shirley R.
    Shirley R. 10 months ago+1836

    My cousin was born with no thumbs so our family bought it for her and she wins every time

  • •Ash Flynn•
    •Ash Flynn• 10 months ago+3984

    I’ll take orange because that’s my signature color!
    I’ll take green because that’s my signature color!
    I’ll take blue because i wish I was dead

  • Lillie Ampurra
    Lillie Ampurra 9 months ago+1200

    "did you know three out of four people like thumbs up their butt"
    arin: not me
    jack: me neither
    dan: nuh-uh
    all three look at the camera

  • P.M. Seymour
    P.M. Seymour 5 months ago+273

    Why does Jacksepticeye sound like Trivia Boy? Something fishy going on here.

  • Doe JrPuck
    Doe JrPuck 10 months ago+1405

    "Good choice going with Bank of Ireland..."
    Jacks face right there is priceless.

  • The Red Cloud
    The Red Cloud 7 months ago+495

    13:11 why is no-one talking about this?
    this is The cutest, more wholesome thing i've seen in The whole year
    damn dan. you're too adorable for a grown Man who curse and do weird shit in youtube for a living

  • Sophia
    Sophia 6 months ago+444

    Dan's "draw me like one of your french girls" was pretty hot 6:34

  • France Henry
    France Henry 5 months ago+206

    8:20 Wait...are they putting something on Jack's arm? I can't see any color difference

  • FrakesJc
    FrakesJc 11 months ago+3380

    This Sean guy is pretty funny, he should have a youtube channel

  • Megan Puth
    Megan Puth 4 months ago+95

    Dan: "Welcome! :) "
    Arin: "Uh- My names.. Darin and this is Aan."
    Dan: "Helluh-..... Hello! I'm- aan.... " ( º ʖ̯ º)
    * proceeds to have an existential crisis *

  • Cash Channel
    Cash Channel 10 months ago+402

    The phone call was from Arin's long lost twin brother who spent 4 years watching game grumps and doing research to figure out what Arin's phone number was. He finally figured it out and called Arin at that moment in the ten minute power hour. since Arin didn't pick up this sent Arin's twin brother George into a flying rage, which made him throw the phone across the abandon apartment building he was using as his base of operation which broke it. Because he was so caught up in the moment he forgot to write the number down anywhere else and to this day he has still not reconnected with his twin brother. 0:11

  • CountableOwl 80
    CountableOwl 80 5 months ago+115

    6:24 sounds and looks like Arin was actually 100% mad

  • Danny R.
    Danny R. 10 months ago+252

    > lets play, someone in the video says "frick" - DEMONITIZED
    > 3 grown men blowing condoms as hard as they can for 5 minutes. - Monetized!

  • •mael •
    •mael • 3 months ago+55

    Just found out I have the same thumbs as Dan.
    I feel special.

  • BriannaShade
    BriannaShade 10 months ago+136

    10:04 when you're questioning your marriage

  • Havod
    Havod 2 months ago+56

    Last time Sean was on this show, his corpse was mutilated and his organs used for tie dye...
    Glad they ressurected him and got him back on for this.

  • Teyla sans' Gf
    Teyla sans' Gf 10 months ago+47

    7:06 Sean was so prepared for it to go flying!! Just look at his adorable face!!

  • Best Snake
    Best Snake 11 months ago+3119

    "My name is Darin and this is An"
    "Hel-" confused look

  • GJERocks
    GJERocks 9 months ago+64

    7:23 True and absolute terror

  • Mikayla Locklear
    Mikayla Locklear 4 months ago+23

    Ok but Dan's fake french accent has my on the floor