Does LOUD Music Make You Drive Worse??

  • Published on:  1/21/2019
  • Blasting your favorite jams in the car is one of the best things ever. OR IS IT?? We find out what really happens when you're running a full blast sound system in a vehicle while trying to navigate a fairly complicated course. Our advice? Cut that music down so you can see better.Thanks to The Grand Tour Game for making Scumbag Labs possible:-, thanks to our homie JOYRYDE for the music in the van! a extra special thanks to Noriyaro for the Dajiban clip! Subscribe to his channel - TO THE PROJECT CARS CHANNEL// and FOLLOWYT Subscribe: on notifications so you don’t miss out, noob. Our Crew:@brianscotto@vin_tra@hertlife@dangerdan3@mister_zachary@jchase7452@joey_baggadonuts@teaguefleury@baker_ashley@nelsonflores__@nadsynads@kyletstuart24@baddaddybraddy@larry_chen_foto@roncarStay fresh with the latest apparel: (outside of car) by Retnik Beats:


  • Hoonigan Project Cars 6 months ago

    Do we Dajiban the Dodge Van? Next Knuckle Busters project?

  • MrCashMoneyD18 5 months ago


  • Action Nickson 5 months ago

    Hoonigan Project Cars yessss

  • daniel polivoda 6 months ago

    Don't underestimate the power of eurobeat...

  • Melba Toledo 5 months ago

    I was going to say the same thing dont under estimate eurobeat power


  • Amoj 21 6 months ago

    Wait until Fornite steal the dance move.

  • JboPwnz 6 months ago

    They have to meme it to death first

  • William Brewer 6 months ago

    @Monkey Wrenching you aren't a part of this. I'm giving my opinion to the commenter.

  • Bunta Fujiwara 6 months ago

    With eurobeat you would finish the lap twice as fast

  • @Raul Olivares Or Improve your Driving Skills.

  • Raul Olivares 6 months ago

    Next cap. Idea: Does eurobeat make you faster?

  • Beaudoin Motorsports 6 months ago

    I CANT SEE!!!!!! music is too loud

  • Will Perry 6 months ago

    “Turn the music down I can’t see the house numbers “ hahahaha

  • James 6 months ago

    reaction time increases as volume increases

  • Hoonigan 6 months ago

    Name Brad’s dance, go!

  • Acura TL GTLM 1 months ago

    Grandpa Flap, because Brad is older than dirt.

  • gin ngo 3 months ago

    @J.R. Beumel sorry that's my sarcasm, I have many close friends / co-workers all colors, Creed's, nationality, race, religion, I'm pretty much colorblind. I learned early in life, 5-6 yrs old the meaning of LIFE is RELATIONSHIPS not money or material things. I'm proud to say I have friendships going on 4 decades. An a smile works in all languages.

  • Mark Chaves Jr 6 months ago

    Lab coat Ron is my spirit animal.

  • Brand Malone 6 months ago


  • Lance H 6 months ago

    Mark Chaves Jr new shirt?

  • Ryan Emigh 6 months ago

    Lab coat Ron's dry, monotone, passive-aggressive remarks are the stuff that grandfathers are gonna tell to their grandkids one day

  • joyryde is the perfect stuff to play for this

  • chair362 6 months ago

    when it comes to video game racing, i feel music makes me better because i focus less on shit that might go wrong and more on driving and the song.

  • jess hoe 6 months ago

    exactly i do better when im not thinking about it lol

  • Speedy Boi 6 months ago

    Same here