Lil Nas X - Old Town Road (feat. Billy Ray Cyrus) [Remix]



  • Shazia Akther (1 day ago)

    Played this in my house. Now it's a barn

  • I dont get jokes (51 seconds ago)

    How does this happen?

  • RiceAwakes (59 minutes ago)

    +xdd r/woooosh

  • Liam O'Rourke (16 hours ago)

    Literally everyone: country and rap would be terrible mixed togetherLil Nas X: hold my horse

  • shottie gods (54 minutes ago)


  • LedgendZ (1 hour ago)

    +Margaret deStefano no u

  • Vision Pulse (15 hours ago)

    I played this to my girlfriendShe’s my cousin now

  • I dont get jokes (33 seconds ago)

    Can someone explain how?

  • Mr Fugeo Fire (12 minutes ago)


  • sKy (17 hours ago)

    Billboard: This isnt country.Billy Ray Cyrus: Hold my sister.

  • ON CLOUT 9 (36 minutes ago)

    People really be practicing on their sister😯😑

  • peepee poopoo (42 minutes ago)

    It isn't. It's rap and that doesn't mean it's bad

  • Titus Warren (17 hours ago)

    Producer: Is this country or rap?Lil Nas X: Yes

  • DanCook 04 (19 minutes ago)

    Now there’s 500 likes jeez

  • BrianRBLX (21 minutes ago)


  • Cheeto Bandito (Apr 12, 2019)

    Damn, so this is what happens when Dr. Phil sends kids to the ranch.

  • Legend Slayer (53 minutes ago)

    They were gangsters until this song...Now they’re cowboys

  • Justin Hamilton (9 hours ago)


  • Vestice (17 hours ago)

    I played this on my street.....Now its a old town road

  • I dont get jokes (18 seconds ago)


  • 3resg3 3resg3 (2 hours ago)

    reconsider existense

  • gunzinne (6 hours ago)

    Taylor Swift: I‘m the GOAT of country/pop crossoverLil Nas X: *hold my horses*

  • peepee poopoo (41 minutes ago)

    she still is no cap

  • Dylan Aurianz (52 minutes ago)

    well this is Country/Rap, Taylor Swift is still the Goat of Country/Pop

  • Grecia Tapia (11 hours ago)

    To all you rap people that said “I hate country” Me: 🙄 67M views

  • Sweeetcreems (41 minutes ago)

    I mean.... this isn’t really country. Just listen to it. I’m not saying it’s not good, or country isn’t good, I love both. But this isn’t country. It’s rap with a little bit of country sprinkled in.

  • Your profile picture ruined it

  • scytheHyper (17 hours ago)

    Country people: This Ain’t Country Billy Cyrus: Hold My Beer

  • Clayton the Country boy  (31 minutes ago)

    scytheHyper I bet that’s the first time you’ve ever said ain’t