What’s Inside This Meatless Burger?

  • Published on:  6/8/2019
  • Feast your eyes on the new meatless burger that's taking America by storm. This isn’t your average veggie burger. It looks and tastes like meat. Inside Edition’s Victoria Recano visited the Beyond Meat Headquarters in El Segundo, California, where its executive chef, Cris Sanchez, cooked up the new plant-based Beyond Burger to find out what has so many people salivating. They also make Italian dinner sausage and breakfast sausage.


  • geekroute 1 months ago

    USA: we have made fake meat that taste like real meatChina: hold my fake wanton

  • I’mHappy 29 days ago

    Majestic Novine yeah wanton

  • OOF 1 months ago

    geekroute wonton*

  • Trixz -_- 1 months ago

    Wears hair net.Doesn’t cover all her hair with it. 0:28

  • Nonexistent Human 27 days ago

    Trixz -_- I was waiting for this comment 😂

  • pineapple gacha 1 months ago

    Trixz -_- IKR

  • Samurai_Aldo 1 months ago

    People who don't eat meat really like eating things that taste and look like meat.

  • XDNEVO 28 days ago

    Samurai_Aldo thats what im tryna say

  • SUGAR XYLER ! 28 days ago

    *I eat horse meat*

  • S p i c e 1 months ago

    *WeLl iT tAsTeS liKe MeAt*What did you expect cardboard?

  • SUGAR XYLER ! 28 days ago

    cardboard = Dominos pizza

  • Chief Bill 1 months ago

    As if food in fast food restaurants isn't plastic

  • LocalJax ASMR 1 months ago

    Ohh my gosh this is really appetising delicious burger

  • SUGAR XYLER ! 28 days ago


  • AxK 1 months ago

    They didn't hire a meat expert??Go home Inside edition you're drunk.

  • AxK 1 months ago

    @Koro sensei eei you got it... ; )

  • Koro sensei 1 months ago

    AxK sora 😊

  • Sky DRN 1 months ago

    2 Days LaterEveryone Eats Normal Burgers Again

  • Cats a months ago

    @C D don’t support peta

  • Raven Elmasri 1 months ago

    C D killing it! You vegan? 🌱

  • Turtlelochy 1 months ago

    What's Inside this meatless burger?Just a hunch but....*not meat?*

  • Kodesii 1 months ago

    Idk bro that seems like a longshot

  • Hu,man 1 months ago

    Oh so it’s a sandwich *1# Burger rule is:*_”A burger can only be called a burger if it has a main source of meat in it”_

  • Raven Elmasri 1 months ago

    WhiteOutNinja Channel oh okay I understand

  • WhiteOutNinja Channel 1 months ago

    Raven Elmasri I know, but I’m just guessing that’s why he thinks you’re a PETA supporter.

  • Laura Hernandez 1 months ago

    I hope no one starts some beef with Carl's Junior about the new burger 😁😏

  • SUGAR XYLER ! 28 days ago

    they should eat their models

  • asdf ghjk 1 months ago

    Lol this joke was actually funny! 😂