This is Your Pregnancy in 2 Minutes | Glamour



  • Emma Koscielny
    Emma Koscielny 3 months ago+12155

    I’m 12 years old and watching this for no reason other than procrastination

  • Mr_ ImMinseok
    Mr_ ImMinseok 2 months ago+1050

    Did she just put lotion..
    On her shirt..

  • Oscar The FunnyDoggo
    Oscar The FunnyDoggo 3 months ago+1874

    4 months is what my belly usually looks like
    Edit: guys, 1K? Thanks lmao

  • Aesthetic Buttercup
    Aesthetic Buttercup 2 months ago+1166

    Me: I want a baby..They are so cute!!
    Also Me: watches this video Maybe not...?
    Also Also Me: Sis, You’re 14

  • dez
    dez 2 months ago+797

    My period is late so I decided to watch this even though the most intimate thing I've ever done is accidentally touched a boys hand while reaching into a bag of crisps

  • Holly Jones
    Holly Jones 3 months ago+16038

    When my mum was pregnant with me, she was making a cup of tea and she thought the teabag looked sad so she cried. 😂😂😂

  • I simply make videos
    I simply make videos 1 months ago+177

    Title: This is your pregnancy in 2 minutes
    Me: but i'm a boy...

  • davood kamali
    davood kamali 2 months ago+266

    I am a new dad and wait for my daughter at next week. All she acts I feel as though experience. God bless all mothers

  • The Abang_Macho
    The Abang_Macho 3 months ago+113

    To all the children out there, be kind to your mothers for going through this hardship to bring you to this world. 💖💖💖

  • Sonia__ Cooockzzz
    Sonia__ Cooockzzz 1 months ago+97

    my mom was pregnant with my sis. One day we went out somewhere it was 15° outside it was so cold and cloudy. So she bought ICECREAM.

  • Urusai Kodokushi
    Urusai Kodokushi 3 months ago+6823

    Dosen't matter what age you are it's educational.

  • Bintu Farid
    Bintu Farid 3 months ago+142

    Watching this and getting emotional 😅😅im 4 MONTHS PREGNANT

  • Bangla Tech
    Bangla Tech 3 months ago+99

    Make a video about the changes of puberty

  • broken tóuch
    broken tóuch 1 months ago+101

    Why watching: idk
    Time: 3am
    Hotel: trivago

  • Just Another Weirdo
    Just Another Weirdo 1 months ago+55

    Thicker Hair
    Me:*has very thick hair*

  • pls give me food
    pls give me food 2 years ago+9808

    Why am I watching this I'm 14

  • Daylonna Brantley
    Daylonna Brantley 1 months ago+45

    sees thicker hair
    Me: already has type 4 hair starts to sweat

  • FickyGamer
    FickyGamer 2 days ago+3

    You do know you copied someone but just did the video better.....

  • KoolKiwi Vids
    KoolKiwi Vids 1 months ago+75

    This made me love my parents even more
    My mom went through all of this...
    Just to have a natural baby of her own

  • Julia Jack
    Julia Jack 2 months ago+56

    Ahh , I swear I will not be pregnant again after the experience I have lived ..🥴