How Cops Are Using Algorithms to Predict Crimes | WIRED



  • krectus
    krectus a years ago+239

    It's not so much trying to "predict" crime but putting officers in high-crime areas at high-crime times. Which is what police have been doing for decades, but I guess "computers predicting crime before it happens" is more of a story.

  • Attano
    Attano a years ago+87

    Isn't this the subplot of Watch Dogs 2?

  • BigGamerG
    BigGamerG a years ago+4

    This is actually really cool this could be very helpful gg lapd stopping the crime out there keep it up!

  • CCornelius
    CCornelius a years ago+4

    "Hey, you're not policing my neighborhood because I'm not white!"
    "Hey, you're policing my neighborhood because I'm not white!"

  • handbr
    handbr a years ago+42

    Person of interest sequel?

  • johnlocke445
    johnlocke445 a years ago+1

    You can't use linear algorithms to predict nonlinear events. Complexity and chaos rules our world!

  • Kaviar Kicks
    Kaviar Kicks a years ago

    Commander Rodriguez is my buddy's dad 🤣 I partied at his house in high school!

  • Jackson
    Jackson a years ago+3

    Can't they use algorithms to prevent poverty or certain presidents?

  • Daedelus' Muse
    Daedelus' Muse a years ago

    I've seen this anime. (Psycho-Pass)

  • Education Fun Online
    Education Fun Online 3 months ago

    Great video on youtube called Ai Glasses Pick Out Criminal s in China

  • ro pro
    ro pro a years ago+3

    Wow, the way they were conflating so many different things, I thought this was +Vice News for a second 🙄

  • Morpheu
    Morpheu a years ago+1

    if (GoingToCommitCrime)
    StopIt( );

    FUGLY a years ago

    Minority report lol tom crusie was right on this one !! Thank you Scientology!👍

  • Edgar Cardenas
    Edgar Cardenas a years ago

    #$#fbi sb ca 805 free agent 007

  • Patrick Clarke
    Patrick Clarke a years ago+3

    Nice thumbnail, very clickbait-ish. As I do recall, Pre-Crime was used to arrest people before even committing the crime. That clearly isn't the case in this video.

  • Eugene S
    Eugene S a years ago+1

    "Data is subjective".... Jeez..... Is it possible that your entire argument is subjective?

  • Mason K
    Mason K a years ago+1

    If this program takes off, you'll end up with the Minority Report scenario.

  • Vincent Hall
    Vincent Hall 7 months ago

    Oh, I feel so bad for the poor criminals who wreck innocent people's lives.
    They're being "re-criminalised"! I'm crying!

  • MajkaSrajka
    MajkaSrajka a years ago

    When you have so much crime you can use big data xdxdxd

  • GamerMovie
    GamerMovie a years ago+1

    I think that predicting policing is really important and really good