Mary Poppins - Saturday Night Live

  • Published on:  8/15/2013
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  • Broken Promises 4 years ago

    Mia stop mocking your grandmother !!!

  • Mia Hockaday 29 days ago


  • Mabel Unicorn Pines 5 months ago


  • Yaiyasmin 5 years ago

    Anne Hathaway did a good job I must say! Funny that she worked with Julie Andrews in Princess Diaries, who played Mary Poppins yeaaaaars before

  • A Who Snackbar 2 months ago

    This Mary Poppins sure gets around.

  • Sarah Thomas 3 months ago

    Omg yes😂

  • TalkingToMyself 4 years ago

    Anne Hathaway is seriously the only person who could have played this accurately XD

  • NRB 5 months ago

    TalkingToMyself And Emily blunt 😂

  • snowyalice 4 years ago

    "Are you sassing your Grandmother?"

  • actual 5SOS trash 5 months ago


  • Lia Feistl 1 years ago

    She’d never sass her grandmother

  • Ace Vaper 2 years ago

    Wow, her voice !!!

  • Kate Davis 1 years ago

    Ace Vaper she sang I dreamed a dream in Les miserables and it's fantastic

  • Ann Legaspi 2 years ago

    I hoped that Julie Andrews watched this.

  • WICKEDLEE LOOPY 6 months ago

    Watching from a hospital bed somewhere , trying to find a cure for herSupercalifragilisticexpialidocious 🤣

  • Shera Fantasia 2 years ago

    Ann Nonato yeah😂

  • Eva E. 5 years ago

    Anne could so easily be Mary Poppins if they would ever do a remake

  • Super Red 12 days ago

    Yes I know she is English ,I’m english and that is why I think her accent was crap too over the top, ever so ,ever so bad

  • Seb Ford 12 days ago

    Too late

  • HereForTheMusic1000 5 years ago

    Anne's reactions after "must be your cooking" are great lmfao.

  • Tyurru360 2 years ago

    Her English accent is better than mine and I'm British =/

  • soulfulfool 1 years ago

    only mean u r fake :D

  • Brian Fantana 2 years ago

    That's because she was demanded to portray a character from a certain region, along with it's particular accent quirks. It's always difficult things to do even for fellow brit actors. Look at the great Sir Michael Kaine, who can get past his thick Cockney accents.

  • Josh Dugan 4 years ago

    Mary Poppins remake with Anne Hathaway make it happen now!

  • shastapurpledaisy 4 months ago

    Turned out to be a good movie.

  • Samantha Jane 5 months ago

    Haha hindsight is a funny thing