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  • Olubanke Ayoola
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    If you are here because of bukunmi oya hit me happy Sunday house

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    Oya hit me if you are here because of bukunmi

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    If you are here because of my love😍 bunkumi oluwashina and lateef adedimeji 😎my candy crush oya hit me like 👍💃

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  • Ari Strong
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    Who can't do without watching OLUWABUKUNMI FILMz shud drop a comment 🌶️🌶️. Who x also in love with her soundtrack 🔥🔥🔥

  • Kabir Afeez
    Kabir Afeez 9 months ago+16

    The funniest part to me is.. When she is crying for her love.. Grandma said.. U don't know her house ..bawo le Se wa pade,, she Lori instagram.. Mama said.. Ki ni Je baun.. She. #lori Afefe.. .
    😂 😂 😂 😂

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    here watching because of my love bukunm ND lateef adedimeji .....if u ar here because of them Pls hit me 👆

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    Please lets just be sincere and face reality now,let bukunmi and lateef kip its up dis way,de shud neva relent,de brut bak old memories to mii,dats wen i met my first love,aw i wish we were still together buh trust me,God knows d best of all in d journey of life

  • Isabel Darasimi
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    Out at last bukunmi is here again lf u cme here becos of her oya hit 👌

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    Here watching because of my love bukunmi oluwashina, if u are here because of her oya hit me

  • توفيقة نصرالله

    watch finished ..i mean bukunmi u ar legend wit lateef love😘😘😘 if u ar new nd gboriwole dnt forget to tap like buttom😃😃😃😃

  • Barloh Yeancus
    Barloh Yeancus 6 months ago+9

    Nice one u guys really tried ur best Lateef, Bukunmi, @Ayo, Bro Muyiwa, @Asewo to re mecca kudoa to all d participants as well. Tnx Libra

  • Zainab Badmus
    Zainab Badmus 9 months ago+30

    Who is hear bcos of lateef and bukunmi oya hit and like

  • Sekinat Bukola
    Sekinat Bukola 9 months ago+9

    I love this movie like kilode...Very interesting thanks for uploading

  • loadux 8
    loadux 8 9 months ago+26

    Maybe it just me, but am sort of pissed off with this movie, I thought the theme of the movie is to talk about epilepsy and shed more light on it, am so disappointed cos it's wasn't, all the negative talk and thought about the disease wasn't dis-bunked.
    This is a real disease and real people suffer from it and go through life with it, I thought at least this movie will have been able to educate the public about it,
    that yes:
    you can have epilepsy and lead a normal life.
    It is not contagious
    It is controllable.
    And it's actually curable in the long run if it is well controlled.
    It has trigger factors and which could be avoided.
    And no:
    It is not due to witchcraft or jazz
    This movie would have be more beautiful if they had let the character come out strong despite the fact that she has a medical challenge and everyone treated her like and imbecile, to let her be successful despite what she has to battle on a daily basis and this will help the society have a better understanding about the disease.
    But like most Yoruba movies this ended like another poorly researched, watered down education, ended the story about love(which could still be part of it, but not the main thing).
    Just my 2cents.

  • Aisha Oladipupo
    Aisha Oladipupo 9 months ago+10

    Hail 🙌🙌🙌you bukunmi & lateef oladimeji i love you guys endlessly am well pleased with this film no need of part 2 pls 🙏 lemme just drink water on this 👍👍👍👍 God bless you all and God bless we viewers too 😍😘😗💋

  • Oluwatosin Temitope
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    Ayemiiii Temibamii😭😭😭Am too late 😭😭... here bcos of Bukunmi and Lateef...

  • bella ree
    bella ree 7 months ago+8

    The way Bukunmi looks like seyi shay I don't understand ♥️♥️