Captain Marvel Official Trailer - Avengers 4 Easter Eggs

  • Published on:  9/18/2018
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  • Emergency Awesome
    Emergency Awesome  11 months ago+638

    Here's my Captain Marvel Trailer video! Post all your reactions in the comments!

  • hariharan S.J
    hariharan S.J 11 months ago+260

    Barry Allen isn't the fastest man alive, charlie is...

  • Miyke Star
    Miyke Star 11 months ago+375

    Imagine they pull a younger Stan Lee cameo in this movie

  • Grant Hallee
    Grant Hallee 11 months ago+8

    others have pointed out its 1995 - 1996 cause of Blockbuster's name change from blockbuster video in 1996 and the inauguration of the LA green line she is on in 1995

  • Androsaryan Norman
    Androsaryan Norman 11 months ago+35

    Marsha Brady is.... Captain Marvel!! (lol)

  • Dr3wTheGiant
    Dr3wTheGiant  11 months ago+6

    Dude I don't know much about Captain Marvel but I'm excited to see this! Marvel has done it again!!!

  • Kenderick Brown Jr.
    Kenderick Brown Jr. 11 months ago+93

    I'm tired of all these mf aliens on this mf planet

  • Jonas Hopkins
    Jonas Hopkins 11 months ago+4

    The hype was real when I saw the blockbuster sign.

  • Thinus Kruger
    Thinus Kruger 11 months ago+25

    I truly hope that she doesn't have a banal personality in the rest of the movie like in this trailer. Her crude personality in AA season 4 would fit imo.

  • Ronaldo0710
    Ronaldo0710 11 months ago+16

    So based off of the trailer it seems like the main plot is Danvers getting her powers, the Kree erasing her memories to create a weapon to do their bidding, Danvers goes against an order and is attacked, crashes to earth, Danvers makes a public scene, Fury finds and recruits her, Danvers becomes Captain Marvel and eradicates the Skrull invasion. Perhaps we'll see the start of the T.A.H.I.T.I. program and early uses.
    @4:10 I don't think that is Coulson the shape of the head plus those feminine hips created through years of sitting in a chair makes me think it is just a higher up that Fury reports to. Probably a level 8 or 9 operative. I would also think that this scene happens early to midway in the movie. You see Fury nursing a wound from what was a fight between him and that dead skrull on the table being autopsied leads to a "super easy, barely an inconvenience" plot device to use Captain Marvel's sudden appearance on earth to help stop the invasion.
    Just some thoughts.

  • Andrew Dunne
    Andrew Dunne 11 months ago+5

    4:20 - is the scene where Nick Fury actually loses his eye???

  • Oliver Robinson
    Oliver Robinson 11 months ago+234

    imagine if that old lady on the train wasn't a skrull...... that would be awkward.....

  • Anon Smith
    Anon Smith 11 months ago+3


  • Ruel Lindsay II
    Ruel Lindsay II 10 months ago+1

    the first joke: Blockbuster
    im ded

  • Ewe Chen
    Ewe Chen 11 months ago+1

    Hi CHARLIE . Great content as simple as that

  • Squirrel Girl
    Squirrel Girl 10 months ago+2

    Jeez I've never seen such salty comments :(

  • YouTube Surgeon General
    YouTube Surgeon General 11 months ago+237

    It would be funny as shit if that old lady turned out to be just an old lady. I'm just saying...

  • Shauwl Germelus
    Shauwl Germelus 11 months ago

    Love your videos brother.
    Keeps me in the loop and always in anticipation 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾👌🏾❤️

  • kookie kookie
    kookie kookie 10 months ago

    Is it weird i literally got a captain marvel trailer add for this video?
    “Marvel Phillipines”

  • Purge FAZE
    Purge FAZE 11 months ago

    Stan Lee might be revealed as a skrull. For the post credit scene, LMAO😂🤣🤣🤣