Captain Marvel Official Trailer - Avengers 4 Easter Eggs

  • Published on:  9/18/2018
  • Captain Marvel Official Trailer. Avengers 4 Easter Eggs Explained, Skrulls Secret Invasion, Marvel Comics and Ant-Man and The Wasp Post Credit Scene ►
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  • Emergency Awesome (Sep 18, 2018)

    Here's my *Captain Marvel Trailer* video! Post all your reactions in the comments!

  • Matthew Tetley (Nov 14, 2018)

    have you seen the prequel comic released featuring hill and fury

  • James (Oct 7, 2018)

    Love the Blockbuster Video :D

  • Casey Todd (Sep 18, 2018)

    I really hope that old ladies name is Martha.

  • Fluffkin Mod (Oct 19, 2018)

    Why Martha?

  • Fluffkin Mod (Oct 19, 2018)

    XOVO why?

  • Francis ibegbule (Sep 19, 2018)

    Imagine they pull a younger Stan Lee cameo in this movie

  • Daniel Capric (Sep 22, 2018)

    Unlikely, that would blow out the cgi budget, dudes a fucking dinosaur

  • Quantum Storm (Sep 21, 2018)

    Francis ibegbule I'd like to see this! ^.^

  • Androsaryan Norman (Sep 19, 2018)

    Marsha Brady is.... Captain Marvel!! (lol)

  • Karen Smith (Oct 5, 2018)


  • Hoopfan83 (Sep 19, 2018)


  • Yolisa Beauchamp (Sep 19, 2018)

    This trailer was underwhelming...I'm not even hyped. I think I'll decrease my expectations so that I'm not too disappointed...Just being honest

  • Renaldy Calixte (Sep 28, 2018)

    +Non Ofyourbuisness I stopped believing in hype since Age of Ultron. Don't overthink trailers just go to the movie if you hear from your friends its a good movie. Otherwise you'll be unhappy with good movies (imo Black Panther is a good movie it got hype because Black people were happy to have a good solo superhero with a black male lead).

  • GODSPEED (Sep 19, 2018)

    This trailer is of DC standard lol

  • Nova / Animations (Dec 2, 2018)

    This comment is of gold standard

  • Renaldy Calixte (Oct 4, 2018)

    +Ronaldo0710 Rey's abilities ebbing and flowing for no reason is the whole point. She has great potential in the Force (The Force Awakens title is based around this idea) and has drawn outrage from Kylo Ren (and the internet) because she has nobody parents and Kylo Ren is the grandson of Anakin Skywalker. Rey thought her parents were noble people that were worth waiting on Jakku for. But Kylo Ren tells her the truth and it devestates her. Now she has to start a new order seperate from the Old Jedi Or...

  • Casey Todd (Sep 18, 2018)

    I am genuinely glad Marvel are not doing another Dr. Strange or Iron Man style origins film. They are staying fresh and exciting. This already feels different and badass.

  • Wonder Z (Sep 21, 2018)

    Casey Todd, not judging before not seeing the movie. Will check it out with boxxy software.

  • Zaptor-Fan99 (Sep 18, 2018)

    +Casey Todd What I meant by "lazy" was that it wouldn't make a lot of narrative sense, it would be harder for audiences to follow if a superhero they barely know if she already has superpowers and is already kicking ass. I just don't want it to feel like we're watching a sequel. Marvel has been doing so good, I fear they will get sloppy with their storytelling. Anyway, thanks for your polite reply :)

  • danny g (Sep 19, 2018)

    Who else is hyped for captain marvel

  • Brandon Moore (Sep 23, 2018)

    GoodGuyNone right!

  • Brandon Moore (Sep 23, 2018)

    GoodGuyNone why don't you get the hell out of here.We are hype for Captain Marvel! I'm looking forward to seeing Captain Marvel on March 9th!

  • Grant Hallee (Sep 19, 2018)

    others have pointed out its 1995 - 1996 cause of Blockbuster's name change from blockbuster video in 1996 and the inauguration of the LA green line she is on in 1995

  • misterPheng (Sep 19, 2018)

    sorry, i still stand by the fact that it sucks marvel had to pull a new character this late to beat Thanos. We've grown to love the avengers team over many years and in the last stretch a total stranger comes to rescue the day? I understand it's the comic story line, but so much of the Avengers filmverse did not follow the comics. It could have taken a different path. I think it would have been so much better to see power versions of the original Avengers. King Rune ThorUniverse SpiderIron ...

  • Nova / Animations (Dec 2, 2018)


  • Evelyn Juarez (Oct 10, 2018)

    They should of left Starlord as a celestial