We Used Household Items As Makeup Primer • Beauty Roulette • Ladylike

  • Published on:  2/27/2019
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  • little omega
    little omega 5 months ago+4179

    Jen totally won. She went all in while Freddie put a super tiny amount on.

  • IncrediBelleJessi
    IncrediBelleJessi 5 months ago+2976

    After all these years the first thing I think about when I see that wheel is
    S P O O N

  • Lily Grace
    Lily Grace 4 months ago+967

    “jen if you and i get together, we could make some piancakkesss” - devin 2019

  • GingerNinga 91
    GingerNinga 91 3 months ago+267

    Jen was the winner.
    Freddie didn’t even play by the rules
    Jen actually put stuff on
    Freddie barely put ANYTHING on

  • The Everything Productions
    The Everything Productions 5 months ago+255

    I think Jen was the best by far. Fred just looked oily to me.

  • Mary Whipple
    Mary Whipple 5 months ago+3035

    Oh no. The breakouts. This will cause sooo many breakouts.

  • Maya
    Maya 4 months ago+341

    Jen should have won the first time. Her makeup was matte and smooth, especially considering that she had a dry primer

  • Maryam Alsaffar
    Maryam Alsaffar 5 months ago+409

    I love how Jen always seems to sneak food/eating into videos😂

  • Mckenzie Grace
    Mckenzie Grace 5 months ago+663

    Jen should have won 😂 Everyone else is saying it but y'know

  • Anna Kistler
    Anna Kistler 3 months ago+210

    was kristen’s hair really bothering anyone else?

  • myob hoe
    myob hoe 5 months ago+1885

    Jen- competitive
    Freddie- competitive cheater
    Kristen- there just for fun
    Devin- fair and generous
    Edit: its just a joke 😂

  • BTS Being BTS
    BTS Being BTS 5 months ago+431

    Freddie barely used any shaving cream. Jen went all out
    Tbh Jen should have won

  • Marissa Riley
    Marissa Riley 5 months ago+226

    Why is there always an unreasonable time limit? 😕 It would be really cool to see how these random ingredients actually work with careful application and after a few hours of wear.

  • Mochi Tea
    Mochi Tea 5 months ago+233

    I really don't like how Fred gets away with everything and Dev always loses. One is a poor sport and cheater, Dev always takes her loss in stride, I like when she calls out unfair sh**

  • Lauren
    Lauren 5 months ago+448

    I love all these women so much. They are such an inspiration to me but honestly in these beauty roulette videos Freddie’s attitude gets to me a little bit. She doesn’t take losing very well and sometimes she cheats. At first it was funny but now it’s gotten kind of old. I love her in all the other videos. She’s got a great personality and sense of humor but I feel like it doesn’t show through when she gets in competitive mode.

  • Rose Cain
    Rose Cain 5 months ago+89

    Freddie used more than half the amount of shaving cream than Jen did but Chantel was scared to tell her that the winner should’ve been Jen.

  • Natalie grace/ Big tuna tube

    We love Jens shirt that says “I like insects!”

  • Maryam Alsaffar
    Maryam Alsaffar 5 months ago+177

    For the record Freddie's makeup job was patchy while Jens looked win worthy!

  • Hey don't do that
    Hey don't do that 4 months ago+50

    As of now, (since everyone is arguing about why she should've won), Jen has won! Like this if you agree lol

  • Anna Rugless
    Anna Rugless 5 months ago+811

    Jen definitely won they're all just too scared of Freddie to tell her she lost