cars and telephones by arcade fire (clean) | unofficial music video

  • Published on:  2/19/2018
  • I was going to write a big long paragraph about how much this song, video and the very special person in it means to me but I decided to just let you interpret it the way you want to. However, I will say that I purposely edited the clips together in no particular pattern or order because that’s how this song makes me feel. It brings back good memories and nostalgic images in a very jumbled and unorganized way, and I wanted to capture that.

    I do not own the own the song, all rights go to Arcade Fire.

    This took a really long time to film and edit and I put my blood, sweat, and ranch dressing into it so I really hope you like it! Thanks for watching and don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe if you would like. :)