Host Jimmy Kimmel's Opening Monologue

  • Published on:  4/17/2018
  • Host Jimmy Kimmel kicks off the 90th Oscars® on March 4, 2018.


  • Rafi Ibn Ferdous 10 months ago

    He can't make it without Matt Damon. proved

  • Pink Blush 1 years ago

    Wants Graham Norton to host next :)))

  • Andrew G 10 days ago

    won't happen because most Americans wouldn't know who he is.

  • Mysterion 14 days ago

    Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back! Oh! Ohhhh! Hello!!

  • Caroline v.G 3 months ago

    Why is everyone hating on this? I legit loved it

  • Carlos Arias 9 months ago

    Margot Robbie is human perfection.

  • Zarar Afridi 8 months ago

    She's just so meh...

  • He covered every important aspect of fraternity and oscar. Why are we always ONLY COMEDY and FUN in the monologues. I laughed and mulled over a few facts that I heard again but it compelled me to think again. This is what a perfect monologue could be!

  • 0:34 😂 Jennifer Lawrence is priceless

  • Furious One 3 months ago

    I actually thought Emma Stone's face was priceless at that moment :p

  • Mark Allen 6 months ago

    Wouldn't say priceless.ask Harvey Weinstein.

  • Mr OutLaw 1 years ago

    I really would love to see Ellen hosting again next year 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • ParangLima 2 months ago

    If robin william ghost can be host next ..i will be glad

  • Eduardo Braga 7 months ago


  • Atharv Rangari 20 hours ago

    6.24 guys.THAT'S WHAT YOU CAME FOR!

  • Azad Alp 9 months ago

    The thumbnail looks like a mix of Margot Robbie and Lena Headey lol

  • Ahmet Kaan Yetkin 1 years ago