2006 Celtics @ Sixers - 3OT Thriller

  • Published on:  2/9/2017
  • Ricky Davis with one of his best games as a Celtic. He would only play 6 more games with Boston, before being traded to Minnesota.Boxscore: http://www.basketball-reference.com/b...Kyle Korver Shot Picture: http://i.imgur.com/Bz0Rg37.jpg


  • the greatest taco
    the greatest taco 1 months ago+262

    Who fell asleep and woke up to this?

  • D'angelo Russell
    D'angelo Russell 2 months ago+322

    Bruh I took a 6 hour nap and woke up to this 2 hours in

  • cj fetterson
    cj fetterson 2 months ago+289

    bruh why do i keep falling asleep and waking up to this

  • Wolf Urban
    Wolf Urban 2 months ago+101


  • Desmond Anderson
    Desmond Anderson 2 months ago+40

    Iggy and Korver the only players still in the league from this Game 13 years ago

  • Just Noah
    Just Noah 5 months ago+215

    2:30:00 iverson 😂😂😂😂

  • Yourstruly 713
    Yourstruly 713 2 days ago

    1:21:33 why did the sixers get 3 points after bostons score

  • earlyburd78
    earlyburd78 5 months ago+34

    Speaking on the Celtic defense "...and it's not even being advertised..."
    Walton is legendary as an analyst...

  • Andrew Shay
    Andrew Shay 2 months ago+40

    NBA teams score 125 points in 4 four quarters now

  • Garvin Bowen
    Garvin Bowen 2 months ago+26

    kyle kover looks like a legit serial killer

  • Kevin De la cruz
    Kevin De la cruz yesterday

    Anyone else came to see. If there were comments on the dog

  • We The North
    We The North 5 months ago+94

    This was randomly on my video recommended after watching hawks bulls 4 OT

  • Jalen the Jesus
    Jalen the Jesus 6 months ago+38

    I remember being in ESPN Zone watching this game the 2006 was one of my favorite seasons

  • marvinstheman88
    marvinstheman88 7 days ago+1

    Bill Walton is a national treasure. Also, a great old man game from C-Webb. Next to no athleticism left, but just got it done with those little tricky plays all game.

  • Xavier 76th Man
    Xavier 76th Man a years ago+13

    This Sixers team wasn't that good, but it was honestly my favorite roster we've ever had❤

  • InTheCommision '
    InTheCommision ' 1 months ago+10

    I'm only 20 but as I learn more about the old days and watch C-Webb, I just get mad that NBA robbed the guy (and the kings) from winning a championship.

  • Aaron Epps
    Aaron Epps 1 months ago+41

    I watched this at 100% and now my phone is 26

    JWA EPIC 5 months ago+177

    2:40:18 GOAT

  • Zetroo
    Zetroo 3 days ago

    Am I the only one who fell asleep waking up to this

  • Joey Sendaydiego
    Joey Sendaydiego 21 days ago+4

    2:07:14 WOW C-WEBB. Between the legs to avoid defender into the lob to Dalembert for the reverse jam