What's inside Worlds TOUGHEST Bike Lock?



  • What's Inside?
    What's Inside?  6 months ago+201

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  • Oliver Huxley
    Oliver Huxley 4 months ago+190

    He bought his kid a 3000 pound bike but doesent know the difference between a shock and a fork oml😂😂😂

  • TyrannoKoenigsegg
    TyrannoKoenigsegg 3 months ago+270

    He's commuting on a hardcore full suspension mountain bike to school
    That's like buying a track ready sports car to go to McDonald's

  • supra sonic
    supra sonic 4 months ago+175

    That's a trail bike u don't take it to school

  • SoCal Riders
    SoCal Riders 2 months ago+245

    An enduro bike that costs $4000 should not be ridden to school🤦‍♂️ he should be shredding down some technical trails with that bike

  • Marcelo
    Marcelo 6 months ago+2004


  • Connor Halpin
    Connor Halpin 3 months ago+357

    Poor bike.... an angle grinder next to a fox 34?!?😔😭

  • Puppy Punter
    Puppy Punter 4 months ago+100

    He puts the locks on the front tire, he's riding it to school, and the tags are still on the breaks😂 "it's a really fancy bike" he's gonna walk home holding a tire.

  • Saftiges Steak
    Saftiges Steak 1 months ago+37

    So when I‘m scrolling down the comments I see this:
    99%= About the 3000$ Bike
    PS: pls don‘t buy such expensive bikes that are made for trails for your kids for the way to school. When you do it pls gibe them lessons

  • Wolf gamer501
    Wolf gamer501 4 months ago+160

    Just give a fox 34 air fork to a kid that doesn't know nothing about mtb

  • Florian Koch
    Florian Koch 6 months ago+816

    Working with an angle grinder right next to a new Fox bicycle fork.. Seriously?

  • Jack Foley
    Jack Foley 4 months ago+280

    He bought his son a 3000$ mtb and doesn’t know about the quick release

  • Johnny D
    Johnny D 2 months ago+40

    why does this kid have a full suspension 3000+ dollar bike to ride to school, but more importantly he quite clearly knows nothing about mtb as he is using an angle grinder next to fox 34's and his rotor. I want to cry.

  • Random Stuff In Oregon
    Random Stuff In Oregon 6 months ago+166

    As we all know, the safest way to lock up your bike is by the front tire, where it has a quick release.

  • kermit tea time
    kermit tea time 5 months ago+108

    I kinda hope that the bike gets stolen

  • The gamer bois
    The gamer bois 3 months ago+59

    Use your bike on TRAILS not commuting which you can do on a 100$ bike

  • Prab Han
    Prab Han 5 months ago+116

    Those beautiful shimano hydraulic brakes , that beautiful fox 34 suspension fork and those maxxis highrollers tyres
    You monsters using a grinder in front of them😲🤤😢😢

  • the ametuer cyclist
    the ametuer cyclist 3 months ago+25

    Those sparks from the angle grinder would have wrecked his disc rotor and he refers to the front fork as "the shock", do these people know anything about mountain biking, they probably don't even know how to use the quick release thru axles and I am sure that they don't even know how to turn the clutch on on that slx 11 speed shadow + derailleur. He isnt even using it for trail use, he is using it for fcking commuting, that bike is probably crying right now, he isn't even riding basic green level XC trails on it

  • Tom Bowman
    Tom Bowman 3 months ago+86

    0:11 it’s a very fancy mtb with a dork disc so it’s obvs he does not have a clue about mtb

  • Jack McLean
    Jack McLean 5 months ago+52

    Who in their crazy mind puts a giant trance under this torture !?!