3-Course Foil Packet Dinner Off The Grill // Presented by Reynolds Wrap

  • Published on:  5/23/2019
  • Reynolds Wrap® foil packets make this full three-course dinner on the grill a breeze!Learn more here: https://bzfd.it/2WV3zKbFull recipe here: https://bzfd.it/2LYebqv


  • RandomEmyr 1 months ago

    3 course meal but there’s only 2

  • Jusslisin ToMe 1 months ago


  • Lisa E 1 months ago

    Was the third course Reynolds Wrap foil?

  • Lady 1 months ago

    When you just have to waste as much aluminum foil as possible

  • spiderdude2099 1 months ago

    Dear tasty staff:Salmon and veggies is 1 course. It's not salmon as 1 course and the veggies as a second course. That doesn't count. That's not how this works

  • Christine Pabalan 1 months ago

    When you don’t know how to cook but you still watch Tasty’s videos.“This is helping me in a way. It makes me hungry.”

  • FS Shockwave 1 months ago

    Christine Pabalan #Relatable

  • Lynnsey 1 months ago

    Why use foil, its so wasteful, just cook it in a skillet.

  • Liz 1 months ago

    It’s a sponsored video. Guilty of doing this before but I’ll try not to in the future. Although it is great for camping or something like that...

  • Just Monika. 1 months ago

    Not 3 courses.

  • Joanne Bohan 1 months ago

    Only 2 courses lol 😂

  • skyline 850 1 months ago

    Hello person in the comments 👋

  • random bookworm, 1 months ago


  • Steven Matthews 1 months ago

    3 course meal but you have to take 5 culinary classes to make it*_illusion 100_*

  • I don't even think so about itYou simply put a salmon with herb butter over lemon slices on aluminum foil and bake it, make some roasted yummy veggies and make some disordered s'mores "nachos". Much better to make a s'mores sandwich.Believe it or not, I didn't even take a culinary class