South Carolina Food Taste Test



  • Tres Waters
    Tres Waters 4 years ago+103

    As someone born and raised in SC, I don't know how anyone can go without sipping on sweet tea all day every day, go without mustard based BBQ at least a few times a month, and if boiled peanuts weren't seasonal, go more than 10 seconds without staring at a boiled peanut as you futilely try to resist it.

  • Pig Farmer Ben
    Pig Farmer Ben 4 years ago+48

    Oh Californians....
    1. We drink sweet tea at every meal.
    2. Folks boil peanuts on the side of the road on Saturdays and at any race car event, and at all high school foot ball games.
    3. Mustard bbq sauce. Im about to blow your mind. we have Cheerwine BBQ sauce. I mostly stick to sweet baby rays or sticky fingers. I know BBQ, im a pig farmer after all.
    4. I've been and lived all over SC and never seen this type of ginger ale. Of course, we ask for sweet tea when we go out. Momma use to give me regular ginger ale for headaches as a kid. Its an old home remedy, try it sometime.
    question- why do the guys in California act so feminine? Are they ashamed of being a man?

  • John Derenge
    John Derenge 4 years ago+121

    Why do Californians always have to whine and complain about everything?

  • PhDInsomniac
    PhDInsomniac 4 years ago+28

    PS. Alison: There is no dainty way to eat barbecue. The southern belles in their sundresses at tailgates are perfect in every way. This perfection includes barbecue sauce smeared all over their faces. :)

  • Amanda
    Amanda 4 years ago+20

    Boiled peanuts are one of my favorites! The only thing from this list I haven't had (being a Southern girl) is the hot ginger ale and right about now I'm pretty glad!

  • IronLungs Mcgee
    IronLungs Mcgee 3 years ago+29

    Summerville SC here, Home of the Sweet Tea and the Guinness record holder of the biggest sweet in the world. Love these vids!!! keep them coming!!

  • Justin Ducsay
    Justin Ducsay 4 years ago+60

    I like these way better than buzzfeed! These people actually have personality

  • YAYA JF.
    YAYA JF. 4 years ago+41

    "Noisy for a liquid"...
    ok then.

  • Daylan
    Daylan 4 years ago+25

    Also, please tell me y'all had that BBQ ported from Shealy's BBQ. That place is just the friggin best in this whole grand universe! If you visit South Carolina and you happen upon Batesburg-Leesville, go there for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I swear you won't regret it!

  • PhDInsomniac
    PhDInsomniac 4 years ago+33

    So if y'all do North Carolina, we NC natives fully expect you to do Lexington AND Eastern NC barbecue. We argue like crazy over it, and a third party always helps :)
    and Cheerwine, y'all need to have people taste the elixir from the heavens
    LOVE this show. So much fun!

  • Teresa Conner
    Teresa Conner 4 years ago+14

    I have lived in SC all my life and have never had the ginger ale. Y'all need to do one with the tasters try fried green tomatoes ( which we refer to as "maters"), homemade muscadine and/or scuppong wine. Also, I don't know if everclear is known in other parts. Love your videos! More about the Palmetto state please!

  • Judy Harris
    Judy Harris 4 years ago+12

    I can't believe nobody has mentioned BOILED OKRA !!! My grandmother would boil it on top of fresh blackeye slimy so delicious !!!

  • Emilee Bowman
    Emilee Bowman 3 years ago+4

    boiled peanuts are .50¢ for 16oz here

  • Lieutenant Dude
    Lieutenant Dude 3 years ago+58

    If sweet tea hurts your teeth, it may be a problem with your teeth...not the drink. Brush and floss.

  • Greg Simmons
    Greg Simmons 4 years ago+5

    SC native and resident all my life! HAHAHAHA!!!! Loved the reaction to boiled peanuts and ESPECIALLY Blenheim Ginger Ale (it'll get you every time!)

  • Alli S
    Alli S 4 years ago+5

    Never had Blenheim ginger ale in my entire life that I have lived in SC. I always thought Iced Tea and Sweet Tea were the same thing...oops lol

  • Krista Brumbles
    Krista Brumbles 4 years ago+5

    Southern goodness south Carolina style!!

  • Amber Massey
    Amber Massey 4 years ago+3

    I love love love Adam!!! Just use him he is great

  • mudvayneimn
    mudvayneimn 4 years ago+6

    I have GOT to try the BDSM of Ginger Ale.

  • hayley r
    hayley r 4 years ago+4

    I could watch these videos all day. They never get old. I love to see all of the reactions!!