The match that changed the life of Cristiano Ronaldo



    JUGADAS MAGICAS  a years ago+174

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  • BS B
    BS B a years ago+728

    Who is watching this after CR7 left real madrid....

  • orhun20
    orhun20 a years ago+1244

    In those days matches were recoded with Casio calculators, no batteries only solar power.

  • Willy707
    Willy707 a years ago+250

    You mean the match that changed MANU history

  • Jiggly McSugertits
    Jiggly McSugertits a years ago+146

    which pixel is Ronaldo

  • M Ayub
    M Ayub a years ago+195

    He came from nothing to be the best.
    He is a good example

  • TheRealRoyL
    TheRealRoyL a years ago+95

    You mean the match that changed the life of Cristian Ronald

  • Vilgot Stockhaus
    Vilgot Stockhaus a years ago+171

    I really understand why Manchester United bought him after this astonishing performance. He ripped the defence apart multiple times.

  • Bruno Sousa
    Bruno Sousa a years ago+61

    That was the inauguration match of the new Sporting Stadium that they build for the Euro 04. At the same time Porto also had a match to inaugorate their new estadio do dragao against Barcelona. Messi had his debut with the first team of Barcelona. In the same year Porto had a new Manager called Mourinho. He won the Uefa Cup and a year after the Champions League. 2003 was a great Year for football. All started in Portugal!

  • Israel Torres
    Israel Torres a years ago+663

    lo único que entendí de los que decían los comentaristas fue: Cristiánou runaldu

  • David M.
    David M. a years ago+95

    Sporting ➡ Manchester ➡ Real ➡ Juventus. Three biggest clubs in the three best leagues right at their best times. Can there be a better career?

  • Game On
    Game On a years ago+326

    Recorded in 1974

  • Valentine Vell
    Valentine Vell a years ago+406

    Christian Ronald 😂😂

  • trinikenshin
    trinikenshin a years ago+314

    This is why I respect CR7 more than Messi....the PLAYERS literally asked Sir Alex to sign him. He wasn't scouted like Messi and taught the game since the age of 13. He showed his worth to the big boys as a 17 year old.

  • Carl Rundle
    Carl Rundle a years ago+119

    Give it up for Christian Ronald

  • Super Zapper
    Super Zapper a years ago+305

    Thanks to sir alex for making ronaldo the goat

  • Fredy L
    Fredy L a years ago+5

    Sporting players ask the manager : what's our strategy againt manchester ?
    Manager : pass to ronaldo everything will work out.

  • Chirimoyakid James
    Chirimoyakid James a years ago+23

    I remember my friend telling me about this new ronaldo player guy and I was confuse, he was telling me that he was really good and skillful and was amazing that I should check him out and everyone was talking about him. but I thought he was talking about ronaldo in Madrid at the time, útil later on I saw him play and immediately became my fav player.

  • Oishi 01
    Oishi 01 a years ago+74

    He was only 18 and he played with such confidence

  • 44t46re BRU
    44t46re BRU a years ago+67

    Cristiano Ronaldo The best of all time! Please, do not argue with me! I put him above any other person because he did it in the 2 best leagues in the world and now he is betting on Serie A and not only has he done it in the two best leagues, but he has done it in silence for some time. 10 seasons or more at the highest level in football! Only the pure G.O.A.T !! Do not get me wrong Ronaldinho, Messi and the phenomenon They're up there but they did not do it as much as CR7 did!