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  • Published on:  3/11/2017
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  • h3h3Productions
    h3h3Productions  2 years ago+10528

    this video is mildly interesting ►

  • DakimaOW
    DakimaOW 2 years ago+2984

    Isn't torturing small animals a sign of psychopathic tendancies?

  • folisade
    folisade a years ago+913

    what's up guys, today i'll be pouring molten aluminum on techrax and his money, immortalizing him and his weath forever. it's gonna be great lets see what happens

  • 尺o尺o刀oム乙o尺o
    尺o尺o刀oム乙o尺o a years ago+2506

    One cockroach survived....

  • Shelbycat
    Shelbycat a years ago+665

    I feed cockroaches to my lizards, and even I find this disturbing.

  • King Rat Hole
    King Rat Hole a years ago+398

    The cockroaches thing actually makes me sad, Tech Rax is a psycho straight up

  • Vladimir Stroganoff
    Vladimir Stroganoff 2 years ago+2906

    I feel bad for the one cockroach that survived and is squirming in agony.

  • nizmouwu
    nizmouwu a years ago+1301

    The cockroach thing was too cruel. They were trying to crawl out and he kept pouring it.

  • My Tormtillos
    My Tormtillos a years ago+285

    I heard the first stage of becoming a murder is killing animals for pleasure

  • guga gum
    guga gum 8 months ago+315

    When they have the baby will they need to add another h3

  • Chris Pena
    Chris Pena a years ago+488

    I know they are just roaches and I hate them too but that was just cruel bro yikes

  • Joel Coates
    Joel Coates 2 years ago+4240

    Next video we pour molten iron over six Mongolian children and a MacBook Air.

  • Buffy Summers
    Buffy Summers a years ago+410

    How do you know it’s human agony and one of the roaches wasn’t actually just willing to reveal the secret that they can low key communicate with humans in exchange for the sparing of its life?

  • Dr. Phil
    Dr. Phil a years ago+247

    Those things are literally kept as pets. Like, they aren't random cockroaches, they're special

  • Rx2eses_yes
    Rx2eses_yes 7 months ago+61

    TechRax has purposely left that last roach alive for his own pleasure...
    “I saved you for last!”
    After ripping off all of its legs and leaving only it’s upper half intact and still alive, TechRax drowned it in a coke pool.
    When that didn’t work, he dropped it into a drone blade spinning.
    When it didn’t die, he threw the drone into the coke and went to his last resort.
    After infiltrating North Korea’s missile system, he traveled to an uncharted island, and sent a missile directly into the cockroach. Out of the crater crawled a mutant cyborg cockroach with an engraving on its new titanium lower half; “Have fun! -Ethan”.
    TechRax knew he had to run, but it was too late. The mutant cyborg cockroach started dividing, until it eventually had millions of clones. They plummeted into the earth quickly.
    After a moment of silence, TechRax was relieved and started walking towards the boat. But then, he heard a rumble. He looked back and saw the ground breaking apart, until he saw a single cockroach ghost fly up and taunt him as molten lava started spewing from the abyss in the earth.
    TechRax started running towards the boat. After starting the engine, he thought he was safe. But then he heard a crack and suddenly the island exploded. The shockwave sent him flying thousands of feet, being shredded by debris in midair, and flinging him towards another island. He landed, ripped in half and with no bone intact in his body. As lava started raining down on him, he screamed in agony.
    He looked up and saw Ethan with an army of cockroaches behind him. TechRax said, “End it... please...”. Ethan didn’t respond and turned to walk away. TechRax yelled in terrible pain, “I hate you!”. Ethan looked back, remembering the deaths of those poor, helpless roaches. With a single tear in his eye, he said the five most famous words in history, just loud enough so TechRax could hear it...
    “It’s just a prank, bro...”
    Ethan walked away, knowing he brought peace to the world, and he was congratulated by Michelle Obama as he took his last step into glory...

  • Cerystal Gaming
    Cerystal Gaming a years ago+191

    Those Madagascar hissing cockroaches are actually domesticated as pets, so PETA can take legal action...

  • Mikey
    Mikey 2 years ago+9047

    the person who screamed stop was one of the cockroaches

  • Hannah Plas
    Hannah Plas a years ago+150

    I thought the person screaming was Ethan😬

  • Thomas Arrington
    Thomas Arrington a years ago+124

    TechRax is an actual sociopath

  • Blair Bailey
    Blair Bailey a years ago+50

    I kill cockroaches a ton but like that person was burning them alive... and they were running away trying to live. I understand killing them if they come into you’re home but he bought them bought them into his house just to burn, burn them alive... wtf