Beating Lower Rated Players | Beginner Beatdown - GM Ben Finegold

  • Published on:  7/28/2015
  • Grandmaster Ben Finegold fills in for Mike Kummer on Beginner Breakdown. Finegold features games he played in the 80's against players rated lower than him. 2015.07.21Benjamin Finegold vs Sorenson, St Paul (1982): B02 Alekhine's defence, Scandinavian variationJ. Pegeron vs. Finegold, 1983: B01 Scandinavian (centre counter) defenceFinegold vs. H. Gaba, 1984: D50 Queen's Gambit Declined, 4.Bg5R. Schwartz vs. Finegold, 1986: B10 Caro-Kann defence


  • Alternamaton
    Alternamaton 2 years ago+2869

    What an awful crowd...Finegold is no comedic genius, but he said lots of stuff that was actually funny and got zero reaction.

  • Kernzi
    Kernzi 3 years ago+1583

    The live audience doesn't deserve you, Ben.

  • David Vaughan
    David Vaughan 3 years ago+1213

    I think if there were a movie about Finegold, Jonah Hill could play him pretty well.

  • StrangeDeimos
    StrangeDeimos 2 years ago+1849

    I always play f5, its refreshing

  • Broken Butler
    Broken Butler 11 months ago+622

    That moment you're German and he asks what language "Zwischenzug" comes from and you don't guess it right cause he bottles it so badly...

  • Pew PewPew Pew
    Pew PewPew Pew 5 months ago+143

    Ben Finegold: "I attack his pawn with"
    Me: "Going for Rh4"
    Ben Finegold: "You at home, incorrect."
    Plays Rh4
    Me: "I have much to learn."

  • Jacob Tarallo
    Jacob Tarallo 4 years ago+1126

    lol Doesn't Ben know that kids don't understand sarcasm?

  • MauricioMartinez0707
    MauricioMartinez0707 a years ago+242

    Dude you are waaaaay funnier than that class is giving you credit for

  • Quote
    Quote a years ago+300

    "You at home, guess"
    "That's right's rook."
    How did I not see that?

  • Anthony Segrest
    Anthony Segrest 11 months ago+152

    "...can't escape this way, can't escape this way, unless its intoxicated..."

  • Mystdragon
    Mystdragon 2 years ago+554

    you were wrong I GOT IT RIGHT. Rook to H4. Its like you aren't even listening to me.

  • kmarasin
    kmarasin 2 years ago+386

    Ben: 18:35 YOU AT HOME... INCORRECT!
    Me: raises middle finger

  • the beauty part
    the beauty part 4 years ago+355

    I didn't know that Chris Christie played chess.

  • AND ME
    AND ME a years ago+347

    He has every right to be cocky as hell... but boy is he cocky as hell, lol

  • MrCarrot14
    MrCarrot14 11 months ago+503

    7:35 "A lot of people are going to vote for Trump by accident" God this aged well.

  • Majora1988
    Majora1988 4 years ago+282

    I actually answered when he said YOU! AT HOME!
    And I was disappointed when he said incorrect after I said Rook H4, lol.

  • John Braun
    John Braun a years ago+39

    I don't even play chess, I clicked on this video out of mere boredom and watched the whole thing for this guys hilarious commentary, what a beauty

  • Shady
    Shady a years ago+149

    fucking smurfs

  • rythmcubed
    rythmcubed 4 years ago+788

    Why is the audience at the GREATEST CHESS CLUB OF ALL TIME unable to answer even the simplest of questions?!

  • Trisador9
    Trisador9 11 months ago+50

    Aus welcher Sprache kommt das Wort "Suischensugg"?