New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch



  • Gustaboy
    Gustaboy 11 months ago+612

    Today we lost a true hero.
    R.I.P Blue Toad
    2009 - 2019

  • Petey :D
    Petey :D 8 months ago+357

    Proof that Nintendo is trying to pretend the Wii U never existed by porting all the good games.

  • Lloyd Johannessen
    Lloyd Johannessen 9 months ago+461

    I know where Blue Toad is.
    He went to Smash Ultimate with Daisy.

  • Mario God
    Mario God 9 months ago+525

    Nintendo: Any Ideas for the next Mario game? WE NEED IDEAS!
    Worker: Sir, the fans have been wanting a Galaxy 3 and Sunshine 2 for a long time now. How about we start thinking about getting those games into consideration and most likely developed and released by 2019-2020 if we start early?
    Nintendo: We’ll think about it.
    Worker#2: OOH OOH I HAVE ONE!
    Nintendo: Well, then what is it! Hurry up I don’t have all day.
    Worker#2: What if we just use Super Mario Bros U, but we add deluxe at the end and remove blue toad and replace him with Toadette and add one more item to the game?
    Nintendo: brilliant
    Worker: facepalm
    I’m actually pretty hyped for this game coming out though although wish a Galaxy 3 will be released and/or a Sunshine 2 hopefully..
    Edit: Never mind, Blue Toad is apparently in this now.

  • Jahin Alam
    Jahin Alam 7 months ago+123

    Press "F" to pay respect for blue toad
    Edit: here is a good news
    The blue toad is a playable character. By pushing L or ZL button while selecting yellow toad you can swap the colours.
    I got this information by Nathaniel Bandy

  • CodeCaden
    CodeCaden 11 months ago+1194

    Can we get a F for blue toad

  • Nathan L
    Nathan L 8 months ago+192

    Why did you keep Yellow Toad?
    Is blue not good enough for you?
    Frickin racists
    Edit: I’ve watched the GameXplain video too, you can stop telling me.

  • Aaron Caro
    Aaron Caro 8 months ago+57

    28% comments: people that wants to remove the U
    32% comments: people that wants the Mario galaxy 3 and sunshine 2
    39% comments: people who miss blue toad
    1% comments: Hope of this new version of the game gonna have new worlds and levels never seen before (obviously isn’t it)

  • Joshua Lara
    Joshua Lara 9 months ago+15

    Why Can't We Just Get An Actual NEW Super Mario Bros Game On The Switch Instead Of A Port?

  • no I'm d i r t y dan
    no I'm d i r t y dan 9 months ago+36

    So this is the starting origin of bowsette...

  • #teamscorbunny
    #teamscorbunny 10 months ago+1118

    You have no clue what you’ve unleashed

  • Fanta_Fizz
    Fanta_Fizz 7 months ago+21

    Blue Toad has moved on and gone to Smash Ultimate with Peach. He will be missed

  • Krischna
    Krischna 6 months ago+8

    And that is the beginning of Bowsette and Booette.

  • KoishiWii8
    KoishiWii8 1 months ago+1

    I can't wait to introduce young kids and general audiences to the Mario series with the deluxe treatment for this game! It's such a top tier game!
    Don't get me wrong, I didn't own the Wii U version and I've heard that it's targeted towards the people who didn't have chance to play it. I am also respectful towards the official and fanmade games and I can enjoy both.
    Man, this game series never gets old for me and neither do Pokemon or Touhou. I always love having fun!
    I love Toadette. She's adorable.

  • Yellya Yt
    Yellya Yt 3 months ago+2

    My friend has this on his switch. I highly recommend getting this game if you haven’t already, it’s a blast!

  • Megumin Arch Wizard
    Megumin Arch Wizard 10 months ago+1264

    Nintendo: Use the Super Crown and transform Toadette into Peachette!
    Internet: 300% increase in Bowsette/Peach and Bowser rule 34
    Nintendo: Wh-

  • David Cavazos
    David Cavazos 7 months ago+4

    $60 for a Wii u port. Cant be surprised when pokemon x and y are still $40.

  • a depressed child that wants to die this instant

    Why does the switch sound, sound so satisfying?

  • Juan Felipe
    Juan Felipe 8 months ago+2

    Bring back Blue toad please!!! 🙏🙏🙏

  • Fury of Fawful
    Fury of Fawful 7 days ago+1

    Inb4 Super Mario 3D World Deluxe gets revealed.