Finnegan’s BLASPHEMI - Fastest Pass EVER!

  • Published on:  9/14/2018
  • Drag Week 2018 Ep.3 brings us to the FOUR LANE WIDE dragstrip of zMax Dragway in Charlotte, NC - The trip has proven very rough for lots of competitors and we saw many more drop out throughout the day - catch up with the competition, see what it took to make the trip from Darlington to Charlotte, and see all the highlights including passes from Tom Bailey, The Dirty 30, Joe Barry, the crazy blown alcohol 57’ Wagon of Richie Crampton & Jonnie Lindberg before the hit the road to Thunder Valley in Bristol, TNCheck out the daily live streams on!Subscribe ► Gear ►————————————————————————————————————Check out more videos from this event:————————————————————————————————————Watch more of our recent & related videos!:— The WORLD’s Most Brutal Street Car Challenge!:—Drag Week 2018 EP.1 - Racing Begins!:— The BIGGEST Turbo We’ve EVER Seen!:————————————————————————————————————1320Video is your #1 source for Street Car videos! Check us out at !————————————————————————————————————Facebook ► ► ► http://www.1320video.comTwitter ► ► Crew_1320Video


  • Spencer Rawlins
    Spencer Rawlins 11 months ago+142

    And there I was on I-10 doing 110. The rain hit hard and next thing you know I'm doing a 720 bigger flip to fakie shove between two mermaids. Then the sharks came and I had to do a reverse 720 to dodge those just barely missing the no wake zone. Thank God I had a 427 and a half to power out.

  • Clutch Kick Junkies
    Clutch Kick Junkies 11 months ago+381

    i miss road kill :(

  • Cameron Anderson
    Cameron Anderson 11 months ago+270

    Finnegan's run is @ 9:55

  • Patrick Evans
    Patrick Evans 11 months ago+116

    Finnegans such a good dude, so humble

  • Satria 8315
    Satria 8315 11 months ago+96

    7:53 mcm cresta?

  • stern
    stern 11 months ago+46

    Goddamn I love that 57’ wagon with the funny car engine.

  • Scott Stephens
    Scott Stephens 11 months ago+29

    Mechanical Stig from Aus

  • Brandon Deel
    Brandon Deel 11 months ago+39

    No doubt in my mind that blasphemi is gonna take down the tri 5 car from hoonigan.

  • Bamsdi
    Bamsdi 11 months ago+79

    21:43 I cant be the only being satisfied with the van running 12.345, right?

  • Adam Maulana
    Adam Maulana 11 months ago+77

    Roadkill lovers anyone?

  • Wright Marshall
    Wright Marshall 11 months ago+13

    2:20 literally just idling down the highway

  • GuelphRacing
    GuelphRacing 11 months ago+29

    Absolutely AMAZING coverage from this event! Keep it coming! <3

  • nicowsgd
    nicowsgd 11 months ago+61

    i miss when the roadkill series was free💔

  • DjStanceZ
    DjStanceZ 11 months ago+26

    7:44 mcm cresta, Barra represent.

  • Get Shrekt
    Get Shrekt 11 months ago+14

    Meanwhile, cleetus is breaking into the 7s

  • Casey Gray
    Casey Gray 11 months ago+29

    Cant wait till him and Jon face off!

  • Anthony M
    Anthony M 11 months ago+5

    7:42 that’s Mechanical Stig from Mighty Car Mods! Forgot he was in the states

  • Eric Pratt
    Eric Pratt 11 months ago+13

    load bong, toast bagel

  • Robert White
    Robert White 11 months ago+5

    Thanks again 1320 for supplying awesome video.

  • My Name
    My Name 11 months ago+11

    Love Drag week, coolest event for drag racers. It’s awesome to see the level of cars it brings every year and to see what these guys go through all week long for that title of baddest street car is so insane!