Billie Eilish Gives Us A Look Inside Her Tour Closet

  • Published on:  7/10/2019
  • It may feel like Billie Eilish came out of nowhere, but the truth is the enigmatic 17-year-old singer’s stardom has been on a steady climb since she released her 2016 song “Ocean Eyes.” She has been praised by peers like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, earned the respect of greats like Dave Grohl and Thom Yorke, and has managed to achieve both commercial and critical success. And while fans can’t get enough of her ethereal yet edgy music, her distinctive sense of style has played a huge role in her meteoric rise to success.On a recent tour stop in Canada, Billie invited HYPEBAE backstage before her sold-out show at Toronto’s Budweiser Stage to give us a look at her tour closet. She shared with us her favorite pieces to wear on and off stage, told us why she only wears shorts when performing, and showed off her interesting storage solution for her trademark jewelry collection. Head over to to read the full feature: TO HYPEBAE: WITH HYPEBAE:Web:


  • White Raven 12 days ago

    Love how she keeps her diamonds in a plastic bag

  • Some Singer that was funny 😂

  • Whiskey Marie 11 days ago

    @Google user yea lol cause I'm gonna keep throwing away the bag theyre in on a regual basis 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • yannaヤンナ 11 days ago

    how to dress like billie eilish:*wear* *your* *dad's* *clothes*

  • Lizzy The Cat 4 days ago

    no I just buy a fat pig clothes

  • John Dockert 5 days ago


  • Lorenne Christou 12 days ago

    70% of the comments who came from billies story20% It’s so funny how her diamonds are in a plastic bag9% I wish that was my closet 1% I love BILLIE

  • Frank Castle 10 days ago

    @Ya Girl how so.

  • Ya Girl 10 days ago

    @Frank Castle You don't even know what you're talking about, you make no sense🤦😒

  • raspy the rat 12 days ago

    This video just slapped me in the face and called me broke in 56 languages.

  • Halle Cassar 11 days ago


  • Indigo Detry 12 days ago

    how to dress like billie:-oversized-shorts below the knee that are baggy-chunky shoes-stack jewelry-matching colors -colorful

  • Izzy BigBow 8 days ago

    Carlos Hernandez nope.Just a tomboy.

  • J P 12 days ago


  • Haja 9 hours ago

    Stop giving this person the time of day. The music is trash and no one cares. She doesn't make music she makes the garbage.

  • boybe 13 hours ago

    @cuzinho de ameba yeahh

  • Avery Verheyen 11 days ago

    me: tries to wear sweatpants looks like a trash bag her: looks amazing

  • Unique 9 days ago

    Carlos Hernandez agrees

  • Carlos Hernandez 9 days ago

    No, you both look like trash bags.

  • Travis Bennett 12 days ago

    It’s honestly crazy how this just feels like you went to friend you haven’t seen in a while’s house and she’s just like showing you her new shit. Billie comes off so genuine. It’s wonderful.

  • M J 9 days ago

    Well duh of course: why would she be a bitch?

  • Ya Girl 10 days ago


  • Laura Jarrell 9 days ago

    “Like b*tches shorts” 😂

  • Deanith 11 days ago

    I would never wear this type of clothes and I don't really like that style BUT on her? Completely different. She makes it work.