Making a Stop Motion Dance! (BTS)

  • Published on:  6/2/2018
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  • Christopher Borelli
    Christopher Borelli a years ago+4712

    RHPC has got to be the hardest working team on YouTube. Much respect.

  • Christian Ramirez
    Christian Ramirez a years ago+904

    We honestly dont deserve all the hard work you put into all of your videos. Every 1 to 2 weeks we get a new video thats always funny or extremely impressive. Thank yoy for these amazing videos that we all love watching

  • AJ Merano
    AJ Merano a years ago+750

    Even though theyve been here for years, they never change. Still hard working and creative af

  • Onemorebeerplease !
    Onemorebeerplease ! a years ago+982

    The way Greg, Will, Paco, Derick, Diana keep up with Ryan’s effort is commendable. Thank you RHPC!!

  • FrizzyFritzi
    FrizzyFritzi a years ago+927

    Still don't understand how they did some of that stuff😂

  • Writer’s Block
    Writer’s Block a years ago+3472

    No wonder it took 6 days, stopmotion is tedious!
    Or should I say...
    Tee-hee-dious? I’m sorry

  • Elizabeth Eid
    Elizabeth Eid a years ago+870

    “Stop motion” does not equal “easy”.... I thought youd have learned that by now lol

  • sepresso
    sepresso a years ago+190

    Dude they take 6 days to make a stop motion video and then they take even more time to take all footage from the BTS and edit it together in an entertaining way. Legends

  • Himi R
    Himi R a years ago+288

    You guys are incredible! I love watching the bts because it always show how hard you guys work! I love the water scenes btw! I hope you guys keep working hard and providing us with many wonderful videos! Stay healthy and happy!! 💕

  • rohan sathish
    rohan sathish a years ago+99

    You ppl are the reason YouTube is still awesome. Youtube may have changed (including many youbers with it) but you havent . Love the hardwork n effort you put into making your videos. Stay awesome😃

  • Mireya Solis
    Mireya Solis a years ago+2406

    Yea no wonder it took 6 days y'all work so hard y'all put in a 100%

  • Kat Musni Fitness
    Kat Musni Fitness a years ago+129

    This looks exhausting and it turned out amazing! AYYYYYE, WORTH IT.

    MORNING PRODUCTIONS a years ago+160

    This just shows how dedicated Rhpc is and how hard they work!!

  • Kpop Lover God
    Kpop Lover God a years ago+134

    I love Sean

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach a years ago+96

    RHPC, you're too creative it's amazing

  • xxHIMfanxoxo
    xxHIMfanxoxo a years ago+41

    It's crazy seeing how high the production value of your vids has gotten over the years! Keep up the great work friends! Looking forward to the next vid!

  • Lucia Kvarnstrom-Meissner
    Lucia Kvarnstrom-Meissner 8 months ago+15

    Ryan is amazing. But I feel like sometimes the rest of RHPC doesn’t get as much credit as they should. Greg, Will, Sean, Derek, Diana, (sorry if I spelled her name wrong) and Paco are equally as big an asset to the videos. Thank you to everyone at RHPC! Keep up the great work guys!

  • rahmat fola
    rahmat fola 10 months ago+16

    r we goin 2 skip the fact paco can walk on water

  • Alex Hoglund
    Alex Hoglund a years ago+41

    Still want a house tour!!

  • Jude Gonsalves
    Jude Gonsalves a years ago+23